She was born on the 1st April and passed on on 21st November She is best known for her science fiction series known as the Dragonriders of Pern. She was an author who depicted alien creatures and new worlds. She is a complex figure who creates and recreates her fiction by drawing from life experiences. In , she joined Radcliffe College where she studied cartography, Celtic Folldore, Chinese philosophers, English literature, Russian and Slavonic languages.

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He had never believed his own words when he had reassured Aramina over and over that the woman must have perished, or been apprehended. Of late, when their formal acquisition of the Paradise River Hold had meant that their names would be circulated, he had had twinges of anxiety. If Thella lived, would she hear? Would she care? Would she act? Common sense made that seem unlikely. But common sense was not a likely virtue in someone as vindictive as Thella. It covers a time period that is parallel to the original Dragonriders trilogy from an alternate point of view.

Contents [ show ] Synopsis As long as the people of Pern could remember, the Holds had protected them from Thread , the deadly silver strands that fell from the sky and ravaged the land.

But not everyone on Pern was part of that system of mutual care and protection, particularly those who had been rendered holdless as punishment for wrongdoing. For all the holdless, life was a constant struggle for survival. Then, from the ranks of the criminals and the disaffected, rose a band of renegades, led by the Lady Thella. For Jayge was bent on revengeā€¦ and he would never let her have the girl who heard dragons! Plot Summary Spoiler Warning: Next is the text detailing the details of the plot.

If you are sure you want to read this, click the button. In time, five of his siblings join him. Crenden , the head trader , believes this to be an attempt to get them to return to Kimmage Hold to aid in expansion, and he ignores the warning, although his son Jayge is not so sure about this.

As time goes on, they notice odd weather and bursts of fire, and realise that Thread is indeed falling. Crenden accepts, but his brother, Readis is unwilling to accept such humiliation, and leaves in the night.

Thella makes her way to the Gather and disguises herself as a desert holder, before ordering boots from a Mastertanner. Seeing a holdless man as she goes to eat, Thella notes she could recruit the holdless to work for her. Eventually, she rests in one of the lounge areas, only to wake as a man attempts to rob the sleeping herder near her. Faking a fall, she outwits them both; the herder is accidentally killed by the hired man, who she then overpowers.

Hamian delivers a message to Sharra from Brekke , stating that the Healer Hall is in need of numbweed. Despite her careful planning, repeated thefts in Lemos are noticed by Lord Asgenar , who organises a meeting with Masterharper Robinton and the other Lord Holders whose minor holds are being raided.

Noting the possibility that the thefts are being conducted by an organized group of renegades, the Lord Holders decide to start taking action. Piemur notes he has become tired of setting up drum towers and wants to explore the Southern Continent. Thella next plans to abduct Aramina, but her family leaves the Igen Caverns before she can do so. As time goes on, Aramina moves away from the guards, allowing Thella and Giron to capture her, but she manages to alert the nearby dragon who chases Thella and Giron away.

Jayge continues onward, and manages to get help from Far Cry Hold, before returning to the train to find dragonriders helping out. Jayge and several others then follow the trail left by the injured raiders, only to find that they have been killed.

Amidst the dead, Jayge finds a roll of papers addressed to Lord Asgenar: pictures of Thella and her men. They begin searching for her main base, and sabotaging her various cave holds along the way.

There are, and they begin planning an assault, using old maps to ensure they can cover every exit. Returning to Benden Hold, Jayge realises Aramina was the dark-haired girl he saw, and he is told she is out tending to an injured animal.

This turns out to be a trap set by Thella, and Aramina is captured, prompting Benden Hold and Benden Weyr to send out search parties. Unable to find Aramina, they conclude that she is being hidden in a dark cave or pit to prevent her from telling the dragons where she is.

Jayge and Aramina manage to escape, and Aramina, unwilling to return to Hold or Weyr, tells Jayge of her plan to go to the Southern Continent. Jayge realises he could trade runners there, and decides to accompany her, as he has fallen in love with her. Three days later, Ramoth and Mnementh unexpectedly arrive and search Southern Weyr, before crying out and returning to Benden Weyr. To prevent something like this happening again, Toric plans to have a roster made of the Oldtimers, before he and Piemur discuss if the searching dragonriders discovered the real size of his holding.

In time, he hears that Lord Jaxom of Ruatha Hold has fallen ill in a cove to the east and is being treated by Sharra, and he continues on to it. Piemur decides to wait until things settle down before revealing the existence of Paradise River.

As he leaves, Piemur looks at a drawing of his of a hill at the ancient settlement, and notices it may be a buried building. The two travel to the Plateau the following day, and excavate it in secret, discovering maps showing the location of all the ancient settlements.

Blaming them for her misfortunes, she travels to the Igen Caverns, planning to recruit a number of Holdless men to sail south with her and kill Jayge and Aramina.

Meanwhile, at Southern Hold, Toric discovers that Denol , one of the holders at Great Bay Hold , has crossed the Great Bay to the island , which he is now attempting to claim as his own. At Landing, Piemur and Jancis plan to compare the discoveries found at Landing with those at Paradise River Hold, and travel there, only for Piemur to be captured alongside a majority of the holders when Thella attacks the hold.

Aramina escapes, prompting Thella to lead her raiders into the surrounding forests after her. Jayge leads the holders into the forests, eventually finding Thella and her raiders. Jayge bests Thella in a duel, but refrains from killing her when Aramina calls him away. However, Thella leaps at her in rage, prompting Jayge to kill her to protect Aramina.


The Renegades of Pern

Shelves: reading-challenge , classic-sci-fi , wordpress This is a comfortable book which ties together many different plots and people from all over Pern and ultimately links them to the Southern continent. This book contains probably the most number of separate plots, discrete plot lines and the largest suite of characters of any that I This is a comfortable book which ties together many different plots and people from all over Pern and ultimately links them to the Southern continent. This book contains probably the most number of separate plots, discrete plot lines and the largest suite of characters of any that I have previously read by McCaffrey. To be honest, at first I was a bit exasperated because the prologue introduces us rather too rapidly through rather too many people who you will not encounter until much later, by which time I had forgotten them. This is a different side of Pern, the one where people who are not Hold or Weyr or crafthall are given a look in, and I did enjoy that aspect of it as well as the wider social context that McCaffrey wove into her world.


Pern (Chronological Order) Series

Learn how and when to remove this template message There are two CDs of music relating to the Teaching Ballads and the works of Masterharper Robinton and Menolly. The project began as an idea to include written music in the book of the same name, printed on the inner faces of the cover. The CD project was completed some eighteen months later and released to the approval of the author and fans of the series worldwide. It had never been seen or published before.





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