JoJorg The sun burns 4. Those who deny that God created matter and energysee their emergence consequence of a certain process, whichlike Goddoes not obey the known laws of nature. In any casethe homology can be viewed from two positionsbased on their own worldview the common ancestor or an intelligent designerso it does not prove the theory of evolution. Selection produces changes within a species.

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Nikozshura And the matter and energy are eternalor else in nature should be a way they arise out of nothing The first law of thermodynamics says that matter and energy can not be created or destroyed criacionismp any known natural process. In other words, if a number of different living beings is already availablenatural selection decides who survives and who will have offspringbut who do not.

Thusnatural selection destroys just mutated individualsleaving normal and healthy similar to those that were in the beginning, so to speak, created. The second law of thermodynamicsthe most confirmed observations physical law states that any system of matter or energyfree from external influence, always tends to decay. The amount of information increasesprovided an external source, privnosyaschego it. The animal released by evolucionisjo, will be destroyed in the process of natural selection they are less adapted to life with a person they do not have that reaction and immunity, which is in wildlifeetc.

There is no mechanism that would ensure the process of evolving. Hybridsor are sterileor — in rare cases — Infertility is manifested through several generations. We eat food to our body is necessary for life energy and nutrients — but what would we eat if every evolucionismp earthly body is completely different would be from us in their biochemical composition?

Haeckel has invented yet another law — the law pedomorfozastates that an adult representative of the species bears the features of the calf of its evolutionary ancestor, so that the child Pithecanthropus had to have the same structure of the skeleton and skull, that the modern adult.

Order to carry out sexual reproduction should occur a series of absolutely incredible favorable changes in both creatures. In accordance with the natural law of entropy increase the warm coolshigh becomes lowthe order becomes disorder and complicated becomes scattered.

And thenand another — a matter of faithnot science. Creation of the world or the theory of evolution. Nothing — not even burnt match — not arisen by chance. Yes, animals are adaptable, it is a fact. Features evolucioniamo of every living being, are determined solely by genetic informationwhich the animal receives from parents in the form of DNA. The second law adds that the matter and energy are becoming less and less useful.

This table will help you understand what is fact and what yalvyaetsya only guess. The evolutionary process is determined micromutationsie mutations that occur gradually and so slowly that they criaciobismo can not be traced Raises the inevitable question: Inspirei-me num quadro encontrado no website russo:.

Mutations are useful only for the person eg, smaller or larger amounts of meat and fat and either useless or harmful to the animal. Not only as intelligent design, such selection will not name. Everything is constantly striving to destruction, decay into simpler forms. The evolutionary process is determined micromutationsie mutations that occur gradually and so slowly that they simply can not be traced.

Biochemical similarity is necessary in order that we can eat! The theory of evolution has a number of allegations that many take for scientific fact. The principle of systematic biology, comparing and judging on the bodies cricaionismo the principles of their design plan.

DNA — the most effective system for storing information of all known until now. But evolution involves millions of useful mutations, their whole continuous series. The idea largely was not even discussed. The sun burns 4. So in both cases, we will search for the origins of matter and energy somewhere outside of nature. Stone does not roll while for this will not be reason — a force acting on it.

There is a clear mechanism leading to the development of living beings in their development process to more complex forms of more complex properties. Yes, the one who survives!

Never observed any doubt a useful mutation. Matter and energy are constantly striving to increase the complexity. Animals adapt the environment Yes, animals are adaptable, it is evoluccionismo fact. TOP Related Articles.


Criacionismo x evolucionismo: saiba a diferença

Nesar Whichever way our body is able to evolucionismi these substances and how we used amino acids, sugars and other components from other forms of life, if they differed from the chemical components of our body? When comparing the anatomy of various mammals, it becomes evident that parts of the body are of a general plan of the building. And thenand another — a matter of faithnot science. Stone does not roll while for this will not be reason — a force acting on it. Changes that occur because of frequent or rare use of the body are not transmitted to offspring. The theory of punctuated equilibriumlike its predecessorsignores the fact that to continue the process of evolution must happen miracles in two of different sexes organisms at one time and in one place this huge world.


Evolucionismo x Criacionismo

Origem da vida, a teoria mais aceita, Oparin-Haldane Caldo Primordial , e que depois foi feito o experimento por Muller. Nada mais que isso. In the Ancient Near East, the rule is that simple accounts or traditions may give rise by accretion and embellishment to elaborate legends, but not vice versa. In the Ancient Orient, legends were not simplified or turned into pseudo-history historicized as has been assumed for early Genesis. Wagner Melo Seus argumentos eu encontro em um enlatado qualquer. Edson Lemos


Criacionismo x Evolucionismo, Prova de Deus, Refutando Ateísmo



Criacionismo X evolução?


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