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Art and Production. The text flows nicely and is readable. The art is a mix of black and white illustrations and glorious full colour pieces. This is indicative of the whole book. Where a section of could do with an illustration its got one.

HeroQuest Glorantha is one of the most richly illustrated RPG books out there, without being needlessly so. I can also not finish this section without mentioning the marvelous new maps of Glorantha by Colin Driver and Dragon Pass by Darya Makarava.

PDF bookmarks. The pdf is fully bookmarked by chapters and sections, and important things like maps and timelines get their own bookmarks as well.

The Table of Contents is hyperlinked so you can click on an item and be whizzed off to the relevant page. This is the bit that really gets me excited. I did and it worked well, but overall the book was trying to be all things to all people. Which is fine for a generic system, but at the time I bought it to carry on my existing Gloranthan campaign.

Again my earlier preview gives a blow by blow run down of changes and how the system works, but overall the game system and how it meshes with Glorantha is much better explained and illustrated. Also a lot of the fat from HeroQuest 2 what little there was has been trimmed. Background information. This is a big win in this book.

The world gets a through introduction. Dragon Pass gets its own Gazetteer with local heroes getting enough detail so that they are playable. Lunar Magic gets a full write up, which means that you can play an Orlanthi vs Lunar campaign straight out of the box which is kinda the default setting for Glorantha, due to its past which stretches back all the way to Dragon Pass boardgame published in Not just for myself but so I can show other people how cool Glorantha is and for them to have a credible game that they can pick up and play without being forced to buy obscure or out of print supplements to get the full experience.


HeroQuest Glorantha

Please log in to add or reply to comments. It uses an upgraded version of the HQ 2nd edition ruleset. How compatible is it with other Chaosium products? Generally, while all the "fluff", worldbuilding and narrative content in any of the Runequest books will help with running a Heroquest game, my impression is a full character sheet from Heroquest Glorantha will only give you a basic idea what their Runequest character sheet would be like. Instead of giving a dwarven character a really high rank in their "Mostali Craftsman" keyword, they could simply consider that using that keyword to create most mundane crafts just results in quite an easy contest.


A Noob's Perspective on Heroquest and Glorantha

Return to Content Glorantha returns home to Chaosium! We are proud to announce that Glorantha has returned home to Chaosium. And specifically, our store has moved over there. Browse our product catalogs for HeroQuest , and RuneQuest. All your PDF downloads will still available — just contact Chaosium customer support if you need them. Glorantha is in many ways similar to our own world, but exists in a magical universe where the laws of physics are subordinate to the whims of the gods and spirits.


HeroQuest Glorantha - PDF

Something to fall back upon, something which is almost perfect for your gaming style? And that search will probably be fruitless because there is no perfect system. I really enjoy reading gaming books as I love the thrill of learning a new system and finding out what new and interesting mechanics are out there. However, I would really like to have a reliable "backup" system which I can use on the fly. Also, I like generic systems.

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