The author discusses ancient and alternative approaches to healing. For example Hobday explains how Florence Nightingale was an early advocate of sunlit wards and cross-ventilation to stop hospital infections. Interestingly Hobday also discusses how in the past regulated sunbathing was used to heal TB, wounds and other infections. Here the author Richard Hobday discusses how Sunlight acts as a natural germicide… Hobday explains the important role Vitamin D plays in our health. He describes how when the skin is exposed to sunlight how it can use Vitamin D to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, strengthen bones and lower incidences of various diseases. This book also offers information on how to sunbathe safely, and why we should be sceptical of sun creams and UV lenses.

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While there is a tiny tiny possibility of skin cancer from improper sunbathing, the good effects of sunlight are far far more. In fact, there is more correlation to the use of sunscreens with the increase in incidence of skin cancer. So it is not sunlight in itself that causes skin cancer, but rather improper sun bathing that causes skin cancer. Sunlight helps synthesise Vitamin-D which helps build our immunity. Early morning sun is very good - as the light shock from darkness to sudden sunlight helps trigger more vitamin D creation than under daylight.

Buildings are not built taking into consideration sunlight and ventilation. This are serious issues related to this, this is why there are so many people picking up infections from hospitals. Sunlight has an amazing ability to kill bacteria.

Sunlight has been used in the past as an exclusive treatment for many many health issues including tuberculosis. New born babies who are not given sunlight pick up jaundice. These cases are so common these days. This is easily avoidable. There are special lamps that are used for elderly people who cannot go out in the sun. These lamps are not like fluorescent lamps which only light in a small wavelength range , they try to mimic the natural spectrum of light.

Sunlight therapy needs to be done in places where the temperature is cool. This is bad for our body. Human species has evolved under the sun, where the body was adapting to varying climates. We do not as yet know the adverse effects of us spending so much time indoors. Diet also plays an important role in the ability of our body to respond and use sunlight. A diet rich in grains is better than a diet rich in fat.

Exercise is very important even in old age. Chinese health therapies focus on sunlight, exercise to improve overall immunity of the person rather than try to defeat a specific disease with targeted medicine.

Why are no doctors doing this??? Our instant gratification has led us to instant band-aids that tear off over time causing more harm than good. Diseases are signals that our body needs our attention and help. We should not point fix our diseases. This is an important insight I got from this book.

So much of what I thought I knew to be true this book reaffirmed the information I had been hearing. Sep 09, Sashi rated it really liked it A nice book with a content that a very few people know about the magic of sun and breaks the mith about the time it takes to get the skin tan and the times when the vitamin D comes to the skin.


The Healing Sun: Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century






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