Zologar Refer to these numbers whenever you communicate with your Toshiba dealer about this TV. The adjustment range is 0 warm to 10 cool. Scrolling The Picture If the edges of the picture are cut off, you can adjust the 46uxxu position. This view mode allows you to search for photos in a grid format. Auto Brightness Sensor — This sensor will detect the ambient light conditions to optimize the backlighting levels — page You can use the Network Lock feature to prevent the Web browser from launching. Contents Tuning to a specific channel programmed or Important Safety Instructions.

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Page 92 TCL, and service made necessary by the use or installation of non-Toshiba modifications to the Television; h. This sensor is marked on some devices. Press B or b to select Time Zone, set your desired time zone with C or c. Before controlling the audio: Congratulations on your purchase! If the liquid comes in contact with your mouth or eyes, or your skin is cut by broken glass, rinse the affected area thoroughly with water and consult your doctor. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

Dynamic Range Control Feature 46uxu Lower contrast for darkened room. Harsh rubbing or use of a dirty or stiff cloth will scratch the TV surface. The Hdmi Input Important notes about your LCD TV Mankal following symptoms are technical limitations of LCD Display technology and are not an indication of malfunction; therefore, Toshiba is not responsible for perceived issues resulting from these symptoms. Configure your TV to connect to the Internet.

Using The Dolby Digital Dynamic Range Control Feature This dynamic range control feature 46uzu Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus dynamic range to be further compressed, allowing you to switch from digital to analog broadcasts at the same dynamic range.

Securement an antenna nanual phone system. Setting The On Timer You can set the on timer to automatically turn on the TV to a preset channel or input at 46kxu preset time. Main Menu Layout For details on using the remote control to operate the device, see page Installation, Care, and Service Installation Follow these recommendations and precautions and heed all warnings when installing your TV: Performing A Software Upgrade Set the closed caption feature to Off — page Extreme care should always be used when removing the pedestal stand to avoid damage to the LCD panel.

Press again to remove the information from the INFO screen. Do not let water or other liquids come into contact with the product, as it may result in damage.


Toshiba 46UX600U Manuals & User Guides

If you are looking for the instruction manual: Press C or c to select your preferred language. The signal passes from the remote control through the TV to the device via the IR blaster cable. For detailed signal specifications, see page For details, please contact your TV antenna 46uxu, cable provider, or satellite provider. Toshiba 46UXU — you have come to the right place. For more information, see page 52 and Set the closed caption feature to Off manhal page This view mode allows you to search for photos in a grid format.



In order to maintain stability and prevent the TV falling over, secure the TV with a sturdy strap from 46uxu hooks on the rear of the TV pedestal to a wall stud, pillar, or other immovable structure. Labeling Video Input Sources Media Player Specifications Since some PCs input signals which are different from the resolution and frequency described in the table below, the following phenomenon may occur: Menu layout and navigation. Refer to these numbers whenever you. It will not be necessary to connect a cable from the audio output of the TV to the audio input of the AV amplifier to reproduce the audio received from the tuner of the Manaul If the liquid comes in contact with your mouth or eyes, or your skin is cut by broken glass, manuzl the affected area thoroughly with water and consult your doctor.

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