Beau is a excellent heroine. I grow tired of leading heroines depending on a guy for everything, even though they say their independent. That is definetly not the case with Beau, shes intelligent, witty and passionate. She has a tongue thats quick and can sometimes land her into trouble but thats part of her charm. This is a serious page tuner, and a book I often pick up when I want a guarenteed good read.

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Shelves: romance This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Honestly, I dont quite know how to begin this review, or what to rate it.

First off, this was my first book by this author. It was suggested for a buddy read, and I love lots of action and adventure in my historical romances, and this had lots of promise. There were parts of this novel I adored! And then there were parts that held no interest to me whatsoever. Granted, I did not find it boring in the least.

In my opinion, it seemed like two different books in a mash-up. Both good in their own rights, but maybe not quite working together, for me anyways. Simon Dante is a ruthless privateer who has been betrayed and is left for dead after successfully raiding Spanish holdings.

He and his crew are barely hanging on, when Captain Jonas Spence and his ship, Egret, come aboard to offer assistance. In the process, they successfully raid a floating Spanish treasure trove, with royalty on board.

They run into an English flotilla headed by none other than Sir Francis Drake, and the traitor Simon wants dead by all rights. Let me start by saying this: I will try several more books by this author before giving up. Canham is a master of words. One thing I cannot stand is a boring book. I may not have loved everything about this book, but I can tell you this, the story-telling is excellent. The pictures she paints with words is almost beyond comparison, in fact, I think it may be difficult to compare with anyone right now.

She was expecting Dante to veer off at the last moment, duplicating the feat he has executed against the San Pedro, but something went mortally wrong. Even from three hundred yards away she could hear the screaming of timbers and the smashing of planks as the two ships collided.

The hull of the Talon was rammed inward. The privateer staggered and reeled over, pushing a wave of water off her starboard beam. The combustible ran along the rails and dripped down the sides of the hull. It fanned across the decks, rippling blue and gold and red in the darkness, running along planks and spilling hot blue fingers between the broken boards. The scenes come alive, and I felt like I was right there, or at least maybe I was watching a movie.

A really good, special effects-type movie! The battle scenes were great, but this is supposed to be a romance book as well. I began to like them about half way through, but nothing ever clicked between me and them. Today, I finally figured it out: dialogue.

There were not a lot of scenes where Simon and Beau were not going after each other in one way or another, either arguing or sexually, or both. There were no real revelations, although things were revealed, sort of cold heartedly or with no oomph behind it. No true anguish or emotions, or not very many from Beau, and hardly any from Simon. I want a little angst in my romances. It just felt a little flat to me, and I was sorely disappointed. Now, I have confidence in Ms.

I wanted to read more about them!! I think this book would have been better suited to them being the main characters, and wish Ms. Canham could have made a whole book for them. The things between them that made them interesting, such as Christiana pretending to be Dona Maria, and not telling Geoffrey, Geoffrey feeling less than deserving because he was not noble blood and she supposedly was, differing religions, hell, warring countries, would have made a more interesting relationship to dig into.

I can see being stubborn to him, but it still got a little old for me. When it came to the actually plot, I think it was well thought out, but lacked a little in the personal details of the main characters.

I read this on ebook, and it was pages. I think more pages, going into further details about the characters, just as much as she did with the battle scenes and describing the ships, and I would have still read it all, and probably found it more enjoyable, and given it a better rating. All this being said, I will read more of Marsha Canham, I see she has a Robin Hood series, and that has me thrilled to my toes!


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Sahn I got this free from Amazon. The gy ran along the rails and dripped down the sides of the hull. It also had some historical people added as characters. The storyline of Across a Moonlit Sea was very engaging and interesting.


Across a Moonlit Sea


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