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Gojind A small group of our students who tested for certification meaning they have reached a level of expertise with this weapon that is considered expert have shown they understand kihon basic strikes, blocks and throwsthey demonstrated all three of our Seiyo Shorin-Ryu tonfa kata, demonstrated bunkai applications from the kataused to tonfa as a self-defense weapon against attackers armed with clubs, poles and knives, and also demonstrated kumite sparring defending with a pair of tonfa against attackers wielding a bo 6-foot pole.

After this is accomplished a student can apply for kobudo certification from Soke Hausel. Kobudo Tonfa Not quite a rice mill, but same principal. I suspect there was some influence by Heimin societies, simply because it is often discussed in Okinawan folklore and also these kobudo weapons were tools of trade for the commoner, something a member of the high society of Okinawa Pechin would likely have ignored. The bo is the earliest of all Okinawan weapons and effectively one of the earliest of all weapons in the form of a basic staffand is traditionally made from red or white oak.

But the weapons-based fighting that they secretly practiced and the types of weapons they practiced with had strong Chinese roots, and examples of similar weapons have been found yonfa China, Malaysia and Indonesia [3] pre-dating the Okinawan adaptations. As a result, as a law-enforcement weapon, the tonfa became awkward and under-used.

Members also train in kobido, or better known as samurai weapons. The bo was also possibly used as the handle to a rake or a shovel. A form known as nunti sai, sometimes called manji sai due to its appearance resembling the swastika kanji has the two shorter prongs pointed in opposite directions.

The genius of Okinawan kobudo was the development of kobudo kata which became an extension of karate. It is a popular story and common belief that Okinawan farming tools evolved into weapons due to restrictions placed upon the peasants by the Satsuma samurai clan when the island was made a part of Japan, which forbade them from carrying arms. But others suggest the weapon was indigenous to Okinawa and there may have been a parallel evolution of weapons in other Asian countries.

Views Read Edit View history. This mill was not used for any Okinawan weapons. Most primitive tonfa also lacked a handle pommel tsukagashira.

A skilled tonfa practitioner can defend against a variety of attacks as this is a very practical weapon. Thus it has more pragmatic application to Shorin-Ryu martial artists and the Japanese otnfa. The weapons of kobudo are thought to have connections with farming and fishing cultures of Okinawa.

Okinawan Kobudo — Matsubayashi Yamanni Ryu. Adam blocks attack by Ryan Harden and follows up with a classical tonfa strike. The tonfa may kobkdo originated as the handle of a millstone used for grinding grain.

It is used for blocking, striking and hooking. The tonfa, the classical night koudo also referred to as the PR and side-handle baton, has been used by law enforcement agencies around the globe, but few officers really know how to use this baton. The kama is a traditional farming sickleand considered one koudo the hardest to learn due to kogudo inherent danger in practicing with such a weapon.

It is traditionally made from red oak, and can be gripped by the short perpendicular handle or by the longer main shaft. Also referred to as tong fa or tuifafeudal Okinawans made tonfa from native tree species similar to white oak. It is a generic term coined in the twentieth century.

We have the greatest students in the world who support one another and work with each other. After the students learn kihon basicsbunkai applicationsippon kumite sparring and kata forms of tonfathey will be tested for proficiency in this tool and then move on to learn other weapons along with karate empty hand training. Typically, two tonfa were used in vertical and horizontal millstones with projecting knobs inserted into sockets on either side of the stone.

These people are all great individuals as well as outstanding martial artists. Posted by Soke Hausel at 3: Related Posts.



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