Pathophysiology and differential diagnosis of anaemia. The Handbook on disorders of erythropoiesis, erythrocytes and iron metabolism. Beaumont C, Vaulont S. Iron homesostasis.

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Tableau I. Toblli et al. Tableau II. Kim et al. Ridereau Zins et al. Le pronostic est toutefois le plus souvent favorable. Soon et al. Nahon et al. Tsibouris et al. Fer oral ou IV? Figure 1. Anaemia in the elderly: an aetiologic profile of a prospective cohort of 95 hospitalised patients. Eur J Intern Med ;23 6 The definition of anemia in older persons.

Anemia in older persons: etiology and evaluation. Blood Cells Mol Dis ;46 2 : Carmel R. Anemia and aging: an overview of clinical, diagnostic and biological issues. Blood Rev ;15 1 Management and predictors of early mortality in elderly patients with iron deficiency anemia: a prospective study of patients.

Diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia in the elderly by transferrin receptor-ferritin index. Arch Intern Med ; 4 : Vitamin B12 cobalamin deficiency in elderly patients.

Anemia in the elderly: current understanding and emerging concepts. Blood Rev ; 20 4 — High prevalence of iron deficiency in patients with acute decompensated heart failure. Eur J Heart Fail ;16 9 Iron deficiency in chronic heart failure: an international pooled analysis. Am Heart J ; 4 Myocardial and systemic iron depletion in heart failure implications for anemia accompanying heart failure.

J Am Coll Cardiol ;58 5 Intravenous iron reduces NT-pro-brain natriuretic peptide in anemic patients with chronic heart failure and renal insufficiency. J Am Coll Cardiol ;50 17 Rationale and design of Ferinject assessment in patients with IRon deficiency and chronic Heart Failure FAIR-HF study: a randomized, placebo-controlled study of intravenous iron supplementation in patients with and without anaemia. Eur J Heart Fail ;11 11 Adverse events in older patients undergoing colonoscopy: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Gastrointest Endosc ;74 4 CT colonography: performance and program outcome measures in an older screening population. Radiology ; 2 : Assessment of water enema computed tomography: an effective imaging technique for the diagnosis of colon cancer: Colon cancer: computed tomography using a water enema.

Abdom Imaging ;35 4 Long-term outcomes and prognostic factors for patients with endoscopy-negative iron deficiency. Dig Dis Sci ;58 2 Iron deficiency: from diagnosis to treatment. Diagnostic yield of capsule endoscopy in elderly patients with obscure GI bleeding. Capsule endoscopy findings in patients with occult or overt bleeding older than 80 years.

Gastrointest Endosc ;66 2 Primary balloon-assisted enteroscopy in patients with obscure gastrointestinal bleeding: findings and outcome of therapy. J Clin Gastroenterol ;44 9 :e Prospective blinded comparison of wireless capsule endoscopy and multiphase CT enterography in obscure gastrointestinal bleeding. Radiology ; 3 Systematic review and meta-analysis: what is the evidence for oral iron supplementation in treating anaemia in elderly people? Drugs Aging ;32 2 : Iron: the new advances in therapy.

Best Pract Res Clin Anaesthesiol ;27 1 Upper and lower gastrointestinal evaluation of elderly inpatients who are iron deficient. Am J Med ; 1 Prospective evaluation of the gastrointestinal tract in patients with iron deficiency and no systemic or gastrointestinal symptoms or signs. Am J Med ; 5 Am J Gastroenterol ;89 11 Iron deficiency anemia in the elderly: prevalence and endoscopic evaluation of the gastrointestinal tract in outpatients.

Acta Haematol ; 1


Carences en micronutriments

Preventie bij ferriprieve anemie Goed uitgebalanceerde, verstandige voeding. Bloedarmoede kan men niet zelf behandelen. Schelp- en schaaldieren, vis, lever, vlees, gevogelte, bonen, bladgroenten, aardappelen en rijst bevatten veel ijzer. Teveel ijzertabletten kan ophoping van ijzer veroorzaken met als gevolg ernstige aandoeningen, zoals beschadiging van de lever, artritis , een zeldzame vorm van diabetes en hartfalen.


Les complications de l'anémie ferriprive



Ferriprieve anemie


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