It is primarily designed for people who are new to the raw vegan diet. However, this program can benefit anyone who wants to gain energy and shed excess pounds. As you learn to replace unhealthy food choices with fat-burning raw foods you will naturally detoxify your body. A nutrient-rich diet will also give you an energy boost, enhance your immunity, reduce cholesterol and eliminate belly fat. These are raw foods that can be eaten either directly or with very little preparation. Examples include fresh fruit, smoothies and simple salads.

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How are you doing on May 9th ? We are going to be attending a number of events this weekend. I think there will be a lot of innovative, creative ideas there.

And, then, at the end of the month, the Veggie Pride Parade May 27th! And, I will be giving one of the pep talks that are going on during the day. Check out the website is www.

Ani Phyo: Thank you so much Caryn! Thank you for having me. Caryn Hartglass: Yeah, I always enjoy talking to you, you always have that vibrant, happy energy. Ani Phyo: Happy! What better state to be in than happiness!

That means we can hum like a well oiled machine. So, all those nutrients are orchestrating all the trillions of cells in our body and our brain to make clearer decisions and then we just feel better overall, because were healthier, more vibrant, stronger! Caryn Hartglass: Does everybody just hear that energy coming out of her voice?

Caryn Hartglass: I forgot to mention, if anyone wants to call in and ask any questions. I know raw food eating is kind of curious and popular with a lot of people. You can ask any questions you want, the number here is You can also send me an email at www. I am plugged in right now and of course you can send me an email at any time during the show or during the week.

And, so, I always think of four different categories of stress. You know in life, as you said, we all have stress. Most of it is emotional stress, so we have responsibilities at work, to our families, just life.

To some degree, we can have plants in our environment. Another place that we get stressed is physical stress, so, when we exercise, that is actually good for our health, but it does release free radicals. So, those four categories of stressors when we exceed our amount that our body can take, is when we get sick.

Then we can, actually, take on more of those other stressors in life before we get sick. Caryn Hartglass: Right, and they may not even seem like stresses when our bodies are nourished. Ani Phyo: Absolutely. I got so much work done. I pulled an all-nighter for a presentation the next morning. I rocked it! I was so excited the presentation went well, the clients were happy and I felt really good! We all need to sleep! Sleep is really important. Ani Phyo: Exactly. Everybody grabs coffee.

It comes, usually, in a powder form. Sometimes in the supplement section a lot of times in the raw food section. Caryn Hartglass: Whoa! You just get it from a whole foods, super food source! So, when you become stronger and healthier, you, of course, become more vibrant.

Caryn Hartglass: You know you mentioned at some point in your book, I remember reading , the cost of eating healthy and you really brought up some good points. Not just in the moment, but in the future and you realize the value of eating healthy foods even if it may seem a little more expensive in the moment.

Or, it may be expensive to get my own health care. Even in Detroit, the citizens of Detroit, took over all the public land and grew…started growing farms and produce. How wonderful is that? Caryn Hartglass: Yeah, urban agriculture is really exciting. Because, the farm has to pick it, they process it, they put it on a truck it travels to wherever they manufacture it or package it, it sits in a warehouse, and then it goes to the store and then we go to the store and we bring it home.

When you go out in your yard and pick tomatoes and then use them right away. That is like liquid sunshine and life force energy that is so vibrant! Whereas, a tomato that may be in a store, may have been picked green and then gassed along the way because, they want it to stay fresh on the shelf longer. To all my Facebook pages so I recommend that everyone go check it out, but the responses have been amazing! The biggest response I saw was someone lost 19 pounds in 15 days! Caryn Hartglass: Wow!

Ani Phyo: Somebody else, just now, posted that they lost 15 pounds in 1 week! So, I was just confirming that. Caryn Hartglass: Yeah. So, when you see people outside of the community—main street people—enjoying the recipes, liking the flavors and getting the results is really amazing.

Caryn Harglass: Right. Ani Phyo: So, I just, basically, repackaged this concept of raw foods into a diet plan. I broke it into 3 phases. And then, the second part of the first week, the next 4 days, is phase 2. And by the second phase, were adding on a salad, more salads in the middle of the day, still having the smoothies for breakfast and dinner and for snacks. Ani Phyo: …yeah!

The body is starving for nutrients. Caryn Hartglass: Yep! So, that shows you the idea. One is a thermogenic ingredient. Thermogenic ingredients actually accelerate metabolism and body fat burning so, one is chili. Capsaicin, comes from chili is the active ingredient that is found in diet pills. Caryn Hartglass: Right. Ginger…you know, pineapple has bromelain, which is an enzyme for burning…that decreases inflammation.

Another category is probiotics. Probiotics are really great for aiding in digestion, aiding in breakdown of food, assimilation and then elimination of toxins. Then another is prebiotics. All fruits and vegetables are, basically, prebiotics and they feed the probiotics. The only place that we can find medium-chain fatty acids is in butter and buttermilk or coconut oil.

There have been numerous studies. All my facts here are cited. Caryn Hartglass: That sounds pretty good! And it all tastes good, too! Ani Phyo: Yeah! Caryn Hartglass: So, one of my goals is to just get people to move along the food continuum. I mean, for example, Dr. McDougall has a new book out called, The Starch Solution.

And, Dr. You mention Dr. But, there was a lot of confusion on the internet a few months ago. Ani Phyo: Yeah, I think it depends what the goal is. So, that when we drink it, it decreases the stress that our body has to work to digest and break that food down.

Ani Phyo: And for something like a juice, as well, if somebody…this could get a little complicated…but if somebody has been eating a standard American diet for their whole lives, they could have a lot of mucoid plaque build-up in their digestive tract.

Did you ever see the inside of your digestive tract? Caryn Hartglass: Mmm… Hmm. I just love it. To make just a pint of juice, that takes a huge bowl of vegetables and greens… Caryn Hartglass: Yep!

Ani Phyo: … much more than we could eat. Ani Phyo: Wheatgrass juice. Ani Phyo: Something ridiculous, like 12 pounds. But, with blending, and you have all these great recipes for blended salads and blended soups, how easy is that?


Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast: The Kick-Ass Raw Food Plan to Get Lighter, Tighter, and Sexier … Super Fast

Shelves: health Fat Blast does what it says on the cover: knocks the weight off - but that seems to be what the title is concerned with rather than what the contents of the book address. This program, Fat Blast does what it says on the cover: knocks the weight off - but that seems to be what the title is concerned with rather than what the contents of the book address. This program, however, is less of a diet and more of a plan for a starting a healthier lifestyle. You might need to go a few rounds with this plan to reboot your taste buds Taste is a habit that can be changed given a little time. As an ex-vegetable hater, I can attest to that.


Ani Phyo: Raw Food Plans

If you are unable to support Ani in purchasing her book, please utilize your public library! I got off work, and ran errands- of coarse! I picked up a raw food bar, water, and kombucha tea. I have been wanting to try kombucha, as I found a source for a mother so I can make my own, but I wanted to try it first to make sure that I like it.

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