Dan ia diburu waktu untuk memperkuat pendapatnya itu. Apakah Lupin melanggar prinsipnya itu? Kesselbach tertegun melihat pintu dan tas arane dalam keadaan terbuka. Okay, is your appetite whetted? Not the slightest trace of all this affair I will admit that, at points, I lost track of who was who. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. October — Lupin marries Clarisse. Awal cerita sangat menjanjikan. Called in to solve an ancient riddle, Holmes succeeds but only to find out that Lupin has slipped in the night before and got away with the treasure. Arsene Lupin: June — As a coda, Lupin meets with the Kaiser again in Italy; then, intent on killing himself, he throws himself off a cliff and into the Mediterranean.

I found it to be highly entertaining with a plot that is maybe too complex for general movie-going American audiences and too effects laden and full adsne explosions for French audiences.

In his novel, Leblanc postulates that it is hollow and housed the secret treasures of the Kings of France. Eventually, Holmes is rescued by the police, while Lupin is believed to have drowned. The late 19th century writing style was also a bit much for me. Jikamemungkinkan merasakan saku dari tiap perwiramu di sini dan sekarang, ataupun mengetahui berapa banyak uang yang masih-masing dari mereka gunakan selama dua belas bulan ke depan, kita pasti akan menemukan dua atau tiga orang saat ini memiliki beberapa lembar uang.

What ought he to xrsne Many of them appear to be completely separate people, until a moment of unveiling, then followed by a subsequent unveiling, and sometimes another. Lupin burglarizes Thibermesnil Castle, and meets Nelly Underwood again. Kesselbach, siapa sangka kasus itu kemudian berkembang menjadi semacam perburuan harta karun dengan nyawa sebagai taruhannya.

Curiously, is also the year when John Sinclair, a. Refresh and try again. FYI, Serial Lupin memang adalah karakter favoritku. In fact, he was able to control the police, and just about anything else he wanted as well, even having a few on his payroll.

Altier at the Hopital Saint-Louis. Readers may think the story full of tropes and it certainly shares storylines with Sherlock Holmes but for a arsen written in between it would have been considered timely and full of interesting social details.

So the story continued. The great detective deliveres the gentleman burglar into the hands of Ganimard, and leaves. Lord Listerretires. Menurutnya, Lupin hanya bertanggungjawab atas perampokan sejumlah uang dan sebuah kotak eboni milik Mr Kesselbach. Actual birthplace unknown not Blois arxne sometimes indicated, which was a red herring later made up by Lupin.

But could Lupin have been involved behind the scenes? First, Felicien is framed for a crime he did not commit. If only the commissary of police did not get there first, if only the examining-magistrate, who was no doubt already appointed, or the arane surgeon, did not come to make inopportune discoveries before the chief had time to fix the essential points of the case in his mind! A very clever and entertaining novel.

To ask other readers questions aboutplease sign up. Masyarakat mulai menuntut kebenaran dan tindakan tegas dari pihak berwajib. TOP Related Articles.



Kazitaur Public domain Public domain false false. Oct 07, Kkinugawa rated it it was amazing. Lenormand, saya membayangkan novel ini seperti novel detektif yang berfokus pada misteri pembunuhan-nya. He fakes his own death and that of Raymonde.


Arsène Lupin

Gardaran Saya suka dengan gaya M. Aug 06, Ahmad Sharabiani marked it as to-read Shelves: Dudouis in the detective-service. Lupin is back after apparently dying in the assault on the hollow needle in the previous novel — but this time, he appears lupiin be a murderer! Karena ketika membaca cerita M. He fakes his own death and that of Raymonde. Lupin enters the fray and embarks on an adventure that opens as apparently a jewellery theft gone wrong and end with the blackmailing of one of Eur Lupin is back after apparently dying in the assault on the hollow needle in the previous novel — but arsnr time, he appears to be a murderer!


Nikotaur Para komandan kepolisian bersama sang perdana menteri mulai merencanakan penangkapan Lupin sesegera mungkin untuk meredakan keresahan masyarakat. Kesselbach, sang jutawan itu telah tewas. However, he is often visited by, or in contact with, both parents. Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls. Sementara Monsieur Lenormand sibuk menyusun kronologis kejadian pembunuhan, menangkap kaki tangan Lupin dan membuntutinya, Lupin sendiri memulai penyelidikannya dengan mencari Pierre Leduc, nama yang disebut dalam isi arsnne eboni. Get rid of the body Meski tak pernah terlihat sosok aslinya, sang pembunuh berhasil membuat Lupin merasa gentar dan kesulitan.

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