A night on the town leads to a few kisses, which leads to…a nine-month countdown! Practical Anna suggests marriage, but the gorgeous bachelor turns her down flat. Evan always felt like an adopted member of the boisterous Berzani clan. How can he marry her, though…when he knows marriage is nothing but heartache?

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When not exploring the city with her husband and friends, she is working on her next novel. Read an Excerpt Anna Berzani bent over the drafting table, spreading a layer of vellum over the site plan. Her laptop sat open next to her, flashing the photos she had taken while visiting the site.

Sketching quickly, she outlined her idea for the new building, translating the vision in her head from three dimensions to two. She could see the contours of the land cradling the glass, steel and concrete. Resting her chin on her fist for a moment, she considered the drawing before curving one line and changing the angle on another. Her pencil fell to the table. She knew that deep voice with the thread of amusement running through it.

He was three thousand miles away. Slowly, she turned her head, looking over her shoulder to the door. A tall man stood smiling at her from the doorway of her office. He was gorgeous: his jaw chiseled, nose arrow-straight.

His short blond hair gleamed like old gold under the harsh florescent lights. Beneath the perfectly tailored suit he wore, she knew his shoulders were broad, tapering to a narrow waist. Probably well tanned, too; the memory of him standing on the dock in the hot summer sunshine in nothing but swim trunks made her mouth go dry.

His casual stance—hands tucked into the pockets of his gray suit trousers—made him look like a model from a glossy magazine: fashionable, smooth and slightly dangerous. In seconds, she was snared by laughing green eyes, mischief radiating from them, luring her in. The man of my dreams, Anna thought hazily as she straightened and turned toward him, pulled by some unbidden force.

He walked to her, holding her eyes captive with his. Her breath caught as he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. The feel of his warm lips on her skin sent a shiver down her spine. Evan McKenzie laughed. She knew better than to show any weakness. Evan shook his head. As he shook the small globe, sparkles of color shifted and whirled around a miniature Golden Gate Bridge. He grinned and slid a glance over at Anna. Very helpful. Evan McKenzie could sell honey to bees and coax the stars from heaven.

Despite her best efforts, she felt a flush of color mount her cheeks as his gaze traveled over her face. This close to him, she could smell the faint aroma of his aftershave— citric and sharp—with another underlying scent that was Evan alone. Dropping her eyes, she focused on the neatly knotted yellow paisley tie at his throat.

Lashes flying up, Anna realized he was looking at the screen of her laptop, not at her. The click of the mouse as he scrolled through her photos sounded loud to her ears. Cursing herself, she willed her heart to settle to a safe, steady pace.


REVIEW: Baby Bombshell by Lisa Ruff

Start your review of Baby Bombshell Write a review Nov 22, Carmen rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No One Shelves: american-author , fiction , harlequin-american-romance , romance , she-says , traditionally-published , published All day, she had been bracing herself for the coming storm. Time after time, she had warned herself of the worst possibilities: his horror, revulsion, panic, anger. At the same time, some irrepressible part of her wished for the opposite, that Evan would feel happy, loving and proud like a father-to-be was supposed to feel. But she had to bury that fantasy deep.


Baby Bombshell

Anna Berzani moved halfway across the country to get away from her overprotective family. The hard edge of the table bit into her palms, bringing some measure of sanity. His gaze flickered down to her mouth for a second, then lifted back to her eyes. Evan walked over to her desk and picked up a paperweight. She knew better than to show any weakness. But it expires sooner than we thought.

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