Learn more about the SXFX in this overview video by Behringer: Huge Channel Count Just try getting this many channels anywhere near this price from a different manufacturer. In addition to the 32 true input channels, the SXFX gives you four subgroups for assigning multiple inputs to a single fader. Use the subgroups to control an entire drum kit or all the backup signers from a single volume fader, or use them to create specific monitor mixes for different performers. You also get a mono output that can be used as a center channel, a monitor send, or a subwoofer send.

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Especially for the only ONE prsence mdium parameter, and indeed the slope of the legalization of remaining unknown, even to looking attentivt the record. In all cases, the gal a precision slice possde quite small.

I quite like: transparency, provided possder transducers good quality at least grate history of the legalization of slices. I do not like: the equalizer gnral do not forget to disable, especially can of research with Feedback in addition to nine slices, good luck for precision Tjr and not seen or heard better, the price NINE.

In fact, it will forcment best APRS deep cleaning Still in service after nearly five years, even if using less frquemment duplication , and still no points.

Paramtrique equalizer output mix. The potentiomtres of rglages are small, attention to fat fingers! You get used. The advantage of pramplifier few entries with other System. These are rglages test. But the breath rsiduel not reflected on the main output, up to 0 db.

Equalizer fictitious. At first sight, this table Submitted good. Robust, well finished with a touch of gray mtalise nice for the eyes and the sight of the dusts too! In dpart, I was looking for a console with a large capacity routing of pramplis correct around euros. Trying this SL32, I found a copy of neutrality of pramplis! Done, my rglages are clear and transparent.

Dbx compressor on an insert, and you have a console trs trs interresting rendering. You will say, "Yes, but the console only sounds she well? Rponse: It is neutral, the rglages of qualisation are correct except low mdium, inefficient. I found no breath rsiduel as many think in Bringher. If we test all consoles with pramplis back then blow all the consoles! Used in home studio for commercial projects, I uses this console, not to give an identity sound my projects, but station routing of 32 votes.

I advise those who possdent some dj stuff pramplis, effects and compressors The neutrality of the console ensure that you can use it with anything. It restores what he sends without PForm. A Mackie 16 channel? The diffrence is measurable but not audible. The most interesting, that is the wallet and your exact obtained. The -: 9-band equalizer output, connections to the top of the console, just potentiomtres prs each other, too low mdium lightweight, power intgre.

Conclusion: Small budgets, Do not hesitate, this console is a good investment. For owners of quality hardware pramplis, effects and compressors looking for a console, why not? The sound is quite usable for a mix of quality. The purse is the main enemy of the musician or not. For , made of economy and use this console eyes closed.


Behringer SX3242FX Eurodesk 32-Channel Mixer



Behringer SL3242FX-Pro Eurodesk



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