Nigor If you create a free account and sign in, you will be able to customize what is displayed. View all 37 comments. The book is the journal of an imprisoned conscientious objector who finds himself stuck in a secret military human enhancement project. This was not one of my concentrxcion reads. I finished today but I dreamt about it last night.

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It declared war on the world. Scientists work on creating and perfecting the latest in weapons and germ warfare. When Louis Sacchetti, a poet and war protestor, is moved from his prison to a secret underground camp called Camp Archimedes, he is at first bemused and impressed by the good food yet wary. The director of the camp, General Humphrey Haast - or "HH" as Sacchetti calls him - has had Louis brought there in order for him to keep a detailed record of the project.

The project, as HH explains to him, is to inject criminals with a strain of syphilis, a virus that turns them into geniuses - but shortens their lifespan to about a year. As Sacchetti gets to know the guinea pigs, including their apparent leader, Mordecai, he learns that Mordecai is working on an alchemical project that HH is more excited about than anyone else.

But on the big day, nothing goes as expected - least of all for Sacchetti, who finally realises the truth about his role in Camp Archimedes. I do like these kinds of stories - which sounds awfully trite, but I mean that I love apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, and dystopian fiction, for various reasons. This began strongly, albeit a bit uneventfully, and then, hm, petered out until it got to a solid ending that only slightly mollified me.

The novel is divided into two sections, and the sections are noticeably different. Like this: Someday in our colleges Himmler will be studied. The last of the great chiliasts.

The landscapes of his interior world will elicit only an agreeable amount of terror. Of beauty, therefore. Consider that the transcripts of the atrocity trials are already, these many years, offered for our entertainment in theaters. Beauty is nothing but the beginning It science is a veil over open lips, it is the word unspoken.

Even the damned are reverent at that alter. I was quite disappointed, and I struggled to end it. It moved beyond me and left me behind, gasping and flopping around like a fish on the bank, left behind after the tide has gone on a greater voyage than I. Talk about a book that makes you doubt yourself! As for the story, it is as I mentioned rather uneventful, even ponderous. Camp Concentration is also, perhaps, a more adult novel - being bleaker, more cynical, more of a tragedy perhaps, and all the time with a slight smirk on its face.

It would make a good book to read with other people, in order to share ideas and impressions. Unless you like to puzzle over these things strictly on your own.





Campo de concentración



Campo de concentración, Thomas M. Disch: Una de las mejores convulsiones de la Nueva Ola


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