He eventually saved every financial and business transaction he made into a personal ledger book which he keeps to this day. He took economics courses in Chile once he finished his engineering degree. As many banks were struggling and foreign investors were cutting back on investing and scurrying, Slim began investing heavily and bought many flagship companies at depressed valuations. Slim acquired companies with strong returns on capital he believed were undervalued and overhauled their management.

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Acquires the majority interest in General Tire and Grupo Aluminio. In telecommunications, Telmex USA starts to operate. Also acquires an interest in Tracfone, a cellular company in the United States. Soumaya Domit de Slim passes away, leaving an invaluable legacy; she always worked for the personal development of Mexicans, with several projects that are still active.

This strategic alliance would soon become the leading portal in Mexico. Acquires majority share of Comcel in Colombia; of Techtel in Argentina; and increases its equity stake in cellular telephone companies in Brazil. Subsequently the company acquires Chilesat, Techtel, Metrored and Embratel. This document was an invitation to assume shared responsibility for the progress of the country, which was signed by more than 1,, Mexicans interested in the well-being of the country.

Participation in South American telecommunications companies is strengthened with the acquisition of the most important telecom in Brazil: Embratel. The company also diversifies with the airline Volaris and operations in mining and real estate, among others. Likewise, it sold its subsidiary of layers and tiles, Porcelanite, to Grupo Lamosa for million dollars. Also Copa Telmex received the Guiness Record for being the amateur tournament with the most number of competitors around the world.

Performs a financial investment acquiring equity partnerships of 6. On September, Grameen Trust and Fundacion Carlos Slim announced an Alliance to create Grameen-Carso, which will afford with micro credits to the neediest in Mexico with an initial asset of about 45 million dollars.

On November 30, Eng. Carlos Slim Helu was nominated member of the Executive Board of RAND Corporation Research and Development , a nonprofit research organization in the United States, which offers assessment and solutions about commerce and politics, among other aspects, throughout the world. Mexico facing the Crisis. What to do to grow? The New York Times Company increased its actions to 6. Grupo Carso reveals its Plan in which it is revealed an investment of 29 thousand million pesos during the present year and the creation of 34, employments.

The main objective of this Project is to support the construction and refurbishment of thousand homes during Last June 30, , Mr. On September 7, Mr. Carlos Slim announced the establishment of Inbursa Foundation, which will jointly operate with its similar La Caixa of Barcelona. Carlos Slim Foundation and Grameen Trust have launched the Grameen Carso microfinancing program with 45 million dollars on September 24, On March, the President of Lebanon, Mr. Michel Sleiman, did honor Mr. On April, about two thousand million pesos will be invested in biodiversity projects and sustainable development in six priority regions of Mexico.

Carlos Slim. Grupo Carso presents the Plan in where establish a investment program of 39 thousand million pesos in Carlos Slim is a member, met today in Mexico, to design new forms public-private partnership and support the overall objectives of access to energy and energy efficiency. Carlos Slim announced that Grupo Carso will invest In August, increasing its share from 6. The work benefits about 20 millions annual pilgrims and visitors. Carlos Slim participated in the Broad Band Leadership Summit, being organized by the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss the current problems of the industry at a global level.

In May, Mr. Carlos Slim was awarded the George Washington University Honoris Causa Degree because of both his philanthropic activities and contribution to business growth and community development in Mexico and Latin America. Carlos Slim Foundation donated 3 million dollars for expanding Broad Band service for the benefit of U.

Latin family homes. In July, Mr. The Montevideo Circle is a forum for presidents, former presidents, diplomatic, businessmen, and global leaders.

After sixteen years of existence, that was the first time that the Montevideo Circle meeting was hosted by a businessman. Slim stands for the only one Latin American man with a seat in the advisory room for Latin America.

Also in September, Mr. On December 12, Mr. Carlos Slim was bestowed the Dwight D. Also on December, Mr. In March Mr. Slim is co-chairman. Carlos Slim Foundation created in divulged its own health-care achievements.

Opening of the Telcel Theater. In April, Mr. The website offers Spanish language education and training for employment, as well as information on health and culture. Carlos Slim and Antony K.

Carlos Slim, announce their new partnership to promote the eradication of the last remains in the American continent of onchocerciasis, or river blindness. The Carlos Slim Foundation established a partnership with Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos to foster the proactive prevention of diabetes and other ailments. The Carlos Slim Foundation signed an agreement with Autism Speaks to offer on-line information and tools in Spanish language for the treatment of autism.

On November 30, Inbursa Financial Group turns In June, Mr. Carlos Slim presented the App-prende digital platform, offering free educational, cultural, and job training content through the aprende.

On November , Mr. On November, Mr.


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