Overview What is a methodology? A methodology organizes your project and code for better communication, documentation and maintenance. In my mind what the Fusebox methodology www. Any methodology would work in that respect, however Fusebox probably because of the great community that supports it and its long history seems to be the most popular one for CF. The biggest benefits are not technical.

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Contact Coldfusion Frameworks Adobe ColdFusion is a tested application server that simplifies complex coding tasks; it is a good platform for developing modern web applications. Features in this application allow you to perform programming tasks at a higher level than most other available languages.

ColdFusion application frameworks help to build more elegant software right out of the box. There are many frameworks in this application; you have to choose the right one to get good results for your project. About ColdFusion Application Frameworks Flawless integration with a large number of features has brought lot of applauds to this web development server. The best thing is to use only one application framework to structure multiple ColdFusion applications into a single web fusion application, there are several tools that old fusion offers for building your framework, how you map the directory structure etc.

By the end of this article, you will be gaining the adequate knowledge to choose. Here we are giving brief notes on available ColdFusion frameworks. FuseBox Fusebox is a web application framework that can be called as the first and most popular framework for ColdFusion.

Being a Model-view-controller framework, you can use an XML file to configure your control layer or using conventions based CFC to configure it. By doing this, you can easily incorporate your own application logic very easily into the Fusebox paradigm and reuse it across projects easily as well.

Fusebox is completely extensible using plugins which allows you to extend the core functionalities without considering the core files. The Fusebox 4 and 5 core files do not require ColdFusion components so the framework code is procedural rather than object-oriented. The main advantage of Coldspring framework is its capability to provide complementary services to other applications and frameworks. If you are planning to build large applications, Coldspring will be an excellent choice among the many frameworks available.

Coldspring can be used if you want to manage CFC dependencies. Coldspring aspect-oriented programming also allows you to use remote proxies for exposing services to remote invocations.

Versions of ColdSpring Framework: 1. Lightwire framework is a very lightweight framework. It contains only two CFCs, this framework can be integrated and deployed easily with almost any project and with minimum effort. An alluring output of your LightWire configuration file is that it tends to be a single source of living documentation for every object dependencies.

Lightwire is composed of two main files: LightWire. A modular architecture has been implemented and comes with a wide variety of application building options like modules. Some of them include caching support, logging, error handling and integration with dependency injection frameworks like ColdSpring and Lightwire. It can greatly increase your productivity as they make many of the common tools you need to develop applications available to you.

This framework works well for larger projects that need interaction with other applications or the apps that requires alternate front ends. LogBox - Enterprise logging designed to give you flexibility, simplicity and power. This is the ideal framework for those who are looking for faster application development. The framework offers a great organization system for your code.

Inbuilt ORM and validations make it simple and quick to get your app up and running. You cannot match this feature with any other frameworks in terms of speed and development. The full package comes with a lot of functionalities with advanced built-in modules for database migration even across different DBMS. The framework also has good caching options that you can fine tune as well as solid overall performance. The configuration is super easy and you will get a lot of support in the real world.

Some exciting features of Mach-II include sophisticated caching and logging functionality along with a very nice dashboard for helping with development and monitoring of your applications.

It consists of a rich form tag library complete with data binding. The application also comes with its own Web-based administration system that makes it convenient to manage your web pages. Latest version: Model-Glue: 3.



Volrajas Step 3 Create another file called circuit. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. This is why it is referred to as an implicit invocation framework. There are third-party tools available which can use FuseDocs to do things like generate test harness code.




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