Review-uri 0 Cea mai mare parte a acestei opere, daca nu in intregime, tine de perioada care a urmat publicarii Stapanul Inelelor. In acei ani, Copiii lui Hurin a devenit pentru el povestea dominanta de la sfarsitul Zilelor de Odinioara si o vreme indelungata ei si-a dedicat toate gandurile. Dar ii era greu sa impuna o structura narativa ferma, deoarece povestea devenea tot mai complexa atat in privinta personajelor, cat si a evenimentelor si, intr-adevar, intr-un fragment lung povestea se compune dintr-un mozaic de ciorne nelegate intre ele si schite de intrigi. Totusi, Copiii lui Hurin, in ultima sa forma, este principala poveste a Pamantului de Mijloc dupa Stapanul Inelelor, iar viata si moartea lui Turin sunt descrise cu o forta convingatoare si un ritm presant rar intalnite in cazul altor popoare ale Pamantului de Mijlocul. Din aceasta pricina, dupa un studiu indelungat al manuscriselor, am incercat in cartea de fata sa alcatuiesc un text ce ofera o naratiune continua de la inceput pana la sfarsit, fara introducerea altor elemente care nu sunt autentice in conceptie.

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Shelves: owned-physical-books 4. First, a full disclosure that might anger Tolkien fanatics. Despite the fact that Ive watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy more than ten times, Im sorry to say that I wasnt able to finish reading The Fellowship of the Rings because I was extremely bored with it. Its most likely because the movie has tainted me with its fast pacing, I have no idea why but the book was so boring 4.

I also failed to finish The Silmarillion. Some said as long that I have watched the movies and have the basic knowledge from the first half of The Silmarillion or some thorough Wikipedia research which I did on both account , it should be enough. Guess what? Tolkien and edited by Christopher Tolkien, the son of Tolkien. The Children of Hurin is relatively a short book.

Excluding the preface, appendices, and glossary, the main content is only pages long. Most of the story line revolves around the curse bestowed upon the children of Hurin, specifically the story of Turin Turambar that started from his childhood. All I did know was that the story was dark and tragic, but I never know how brutal it gets. Although the beginning was a bit rough, I still think the prose was able to grab my attention so much more than the prose in The Silmarillion.

I love reading history but the Bible is another different matter. In my opinion, The Children of Hurin was more approachable and I found the second half of the book to be full of engaging drama, heartbreaking twists and turns, intensely gripping storyline, and utterly unputdownable.

It was really easy for me to feel like I was inside a dark myth of Middle-Earth when I was reading through this book. I highly enjoyed reading The Children of Hurin. Excluding a few mixed feeling on the beginning of the book, this was a fantastic and atmospheric reading experience.

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Copiii lui Hurin - J.R.R. Tolkien

O alta carte despre elfi? O istorie foarte veche. Istoria cartii si a operei lui Tolkien poate fi foarte mult asemanata cu perioada in care a fost scrisa, Primul Razboi Mondial. Un moment cand un tanar Tolkien de doar 25 de ani locuia intr-o casuta din Staffordhire, recuperandu-se dupa batalia de pe Somme si pierderea camarazilor sai. Asadar, aici isi are originea lupta epica, cosmica intre bine si rau. De mic, legendele germanice si mitologia nordica l-au influentat.


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