The elevator ride from the twenty-fifth floor to the lobby gave Claire enough time to hate her hair, detest her bloody cuticles, and abhor the dusting of hair on her thighs. What had made her think she could star in a movie? Having the lead in a few school plays back in Florida hardly qualified her as an actress. Massie and Alicia had even less experience, but they were Massie and Alicia. What else did they need?

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Dec 25, Taylor rated it really liked it Recommends it for: girls Dial L for Loser is a great book with real situations and real drama that teenage girls can connect with. There are eight other books in her series and she is writing one right now.

There are a lot of different things Dial L for Loser is a great book with real situations and real drama that teenage girls can connect with. There are a lot of different things happening in the plot of this book. The girls go leaving Dylan and Kristen behind. They are fighting to get them all back in to OCD which they had previously been kicked out of.

Claire gets the lead roll and Massie and Alecia end up doing a mini show for the Daily Grind. While they are in Hollywood a lot goes on. Will Claire, Alecia and Massie ever go home? If they do will they still have friends? Will they still have boyfriends? Will they ever be let back into OCD? This book is very interesting and a very fun read.

I recommend this book to any teen girls or even just girl or young adults in general. The mood of this book is very sarcastic in a way.

It makes you laugh a lot and makes you want to keep reading and reading. The language used in the book is also sarcastic a lot. It is the kind of tone and language that most teenagers would use in their everyday lives and that is a lot of the reason these books are so fun to read. I gave this book four stars because it was very fun to read.

I love how these books are written and I will continue to read the rest of the series and I will look into her other books if there are any.


The Clique (series)

History[ edit ] The book-packaging subdivision of Alloy Online, which focuses on the teen market, conceived the stories for its novel series, and was arrested by being the one to edit the novels they produced. She said of this proposal, "Always being a closeted wannabe author - I jumped at the opportunity. I loved the idea. She has glossy brown hair and amber eyes. She is bossy and stuck-up, and her greatest desire is to be better than most people, but there is a sweeter side to her. Her family is rich because her dad is a successful businessman, so Massie gets everything she wants, though the Block family becomes temporarily bankrupt when her dad loses his job.


[PDF] Dial L for Loser Book (The Clique) Free Download (268 pages)

Summary Massie, Claire, and Alicia go to Los Angeles to audition for a part in an upcoming movie called "Dial L for Loser," but when Claire snags the lead part, Massie and Alicia are far from happy for her. They eventually make up, but is there something that will stand in the way of that? This results in the entire audience hearing the secret, including Abby and Hadley. This leaves the film one actress short and one empty spot for the coveted "loser" of the movie. Dylan, being the one to spread the gossip about Abby and Hadley, is excluded from this invitation.

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