Start your review of Sourcery Discworld, 5; Rincewind 3 Write a review Shelves: fantasy This is going to sound rather critical despite my rating, but I feel like I ought to be rather honest. The basic over-story is pretty good, as is the action and most of the humor, but there was still swaths of text that felt like it was trying too hard. More funny, more witty, more like Color of Magic than Color of Magic. And yet, his whose sense This is going to sound rather critical despite my rating, but I feel like I ought to be rather honest. And yet, his whose sense of identity and action is still totally in line with being a wizard, and he even puts everything on the line for it. I like that.

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He was, quite naturally, a wizard. And there it should have ended. And then he had an eighth son Plot The wizard Ipslore the Red was banished from the Unseen University for disobeying the Lore of Magic by falling in love and having children. This is forbidden because the eighth son of an eighth son of an eighth son is a sourcerer : an exceptionally powerful wizard who is a "source of magic", and who caused great damage to the Disc in the Mage Wars of the past. This allows him to evade passing, steer his son into doing his bidding and plot revenge against the University.

Eight years later, Coin strides into the University and kills the new Archchancellor, Virrid Wayzygoose. Meanwhile, Rincewind , The Luggage and the Librarian flee the university. The hat warns them of the danger that Coin poses to the Disc, and instructs them to take to it Al Khali in Klatch , where there is someone worthy of wearing it.

Coin abolishes the rules, orders the library to be destroyed and sends them to attack other countries. Wars break out between wizards across the Disc. Rincewind, Conina and travel to Al Khali, which is ruled by Creosote , the current Seriph , and his treacherous vizier Abrim.

A group of Ankh Morpork wizards arrive and attack Al Khali. The heavy presence of magic causes Rincewind to gain abilities of his own and he uses them to rescue himself and Nijel from the snake pit. They meet with Conina who falls in love with Nijel and Creosote. Instead, the Hat possesses him. Rincewind, Conina, Nijel and Creosote escape on a magic carpet.

After hearing Creosote complain about wizards, Rincewind angrily leaves, flying back to Ankh-Morpork on a magic carpet. Abrim is killed by the invading wizards after being distracted by the Luggage, and the Hat and tower are destroyed. Coin becomes powerful enough to challenge the Gods, trapping them in an alternative reality. This frees the Ice Giants , allowing them to invade the Disc and fulfil the prophecy of the Apocralypse. The Librarian convinces him to confront the Sourcerer.

Armed with only a half-brick in a sock, Rincewind confronts Coin. Coin tries to throw away his staff, causing a fight between the two in which they draw on all the magic they have brought into the world.

The resulting magical explosion throws Rincewind and Coin into the Dungeon Dimensions and leaves a portal open to the Discworld, around which are clustered the monstrous "Things" who will soon be able to invade and consume the world. Rincewind distracts the Things so Coin can escape and restore the gods, to prevent the Apocralypse. The plan works, and Coin undoes all the damage he has done, but Rincewind is trapped as the portal closes, with the Luggage catching up just in time to leap throw and follow its master.

When Conina and Nijel arrive looking for Rincewind, Coin makes them forget about him so that they can live in peace. Realising he is too powerful for the Disc, he then steps into a dimension of his own creation.



Plot[ edit ] Death comes to collect the soul of Ipslore the Red, a wizard who was banished from Unseen University for marrying and having children, something forbidden for wizards. Bitter over this fate, Ipslore vows to take revenge upon the wizards through his eighth son, Coin. As the eighth son of a wizard, Coin is born a sourcerer, a wizard who generates new magic rather than drawing it from the world, effectively making him the most powerful wizard on the Disc. After Coin bests one of the top wizards in the University, he is welcomed by the majority of the wizards. Under the direction of the hat, which sees Coin as a threat to wizardry and the very world, Conina forces Rincewind to come with her and take a boat to the city of Al Khali, where the hat claims there is someone fit to wear it. Elsewhere, Rincewind, Conina and the Luggage end up in the company of Creosote, the seriph of Al Khali, and Abrim, his treacherous vizier. The trio are eventually separated; Rincewind is thrown into the snake pit, where he meets Nijel the Destroyer, a barbarian hero in training.


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