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A assistкncia material ao preso e ao internado consistirб no fornecimento de alimentaзгo, vestuбrio e instalaзхes higiкnicas. O estabelecimento disporб de instalaзхes e serviзos que atendam aos presos nas suas necessidades pessoais, alйm de locais destinados а venda de produtos e objetos permitidos e nгo fornecidos pela Administraзгo. A assistкncia а saъde do preso e do internado de carбter preventivo e curativo, compreenderб atendimento mйdico, farmacкutico e odontolуgico. A assistкncia jurнdica й destinada aos presos e aos internados sem recursos financeiros para constituir advogado. As Unidades da Federaзгo deverгo ter serviзos de assistкncia jurнdica nos estabelecimentos penais.

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Momi Please do not throw any electrical equipment including those marked with this symbol in your bin. Displays information to the operator in a clear and concise format. Earth Systems The typical wiring diagrams located cse this document are designed and show connections for a negative earth system the battery negative is connected to Earth 4. Document providing recommended guidelines for wiring resistive sensors to DSE modules, and examples of common mistakes made when doing so.

For purchasing additional connector plugs from DSE, please see the section entitled Maintenance, Spares, Repair and Servicing elsewhere in this document.

The CTs are used to measure and display generator current only. Can datalink, the engine shuts down. Viewing The Event Log series log is capable of storing the last log entries. Reduces the power usage within system batteries. The typical wiring diagrams in the preceding section all show the CT measuring the generator load. Charge alternator failure alarm.

Always refer to your configuration source for the exact sequences and timers observed by any particular module in the de. Makes the module ideal for standard and electronic engine Este es el evento 1 de un total de 50 eventos registrados. In the UK, suppliers of electronics, such as DSE must provide a system which allows all customers buying new electrical equipment the opportunity to recycle old items free of charge.

As the ECU is usually unpowered when the engine is not running, must be turned on manually as follows: Genset manufacturers and panel builders may use these diagrams as a starting point, however you are referred to the completed system diagram provided by your system manufacturer for complete wiring detail.

Enables two set systems to be configured to allow for redundancy or balancing run hours. Once installed to a Windows PC, open the software and search for available products. Using the DSE Sde Suite Software, the operator is then able to control the module, starting or stopping the generator, selecting operating modes, etc.

The system designer provides this switch not DSE so its location will vary depending upon manufacturer, however it normally takes the form of a key operated switch to prevent inadvertent activation.

Shutdowns are dee alarms and stop the Generator. Recycle your electrical and electronic devices for free at your local recycling centre UK Only. Multiple Output Battery Chargers. Viewing The Instrument If no buttons are pressed upon entering an instrumentation page, ds instruments will be displayed automatically subject to the setting of the LCD Scroll Timer.

This manual also for: DSE can supply a suitable magnetic pickup device, available in two body lengths: Fuel usage monitor and low level alarms. Enclosed Intelligent Battery Chargers. This additionally provides strain relief to the cable loom by removing the weight of the loom from the screw connectors, thus reducing the chance of future connection failures.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. To remind you that old electrical equipment can be recycled it is marked with a crossed out wheelie bin symbol. Sse test mode be pressing the pushbutton. Fse that sensor is compatible with the series module and that the module Fail to stop alarm when engine is configuration is suited to the sensor.

Many electrical items can be repaired or recycled, saving natural resources and the environment. The factory settings are for the module to communicate at baud, modbus slave address Required settings are shown below. Esta actitud evita el desgaste excesivo del motor. Any reference to trademarked product names used within this publication is owned by their respective companies.

Please do not throw any electrical equipment including those marked dae this symbol in your bin. Lighting Tower Control Modules. Oil pressure switch be closed to indicate low oil pressure MPU version only When the engine has stopped, it is possible to send configuration files to the module from DSE Configuration Suite PC software and to enter the Front Panel Editor to change parameters.

The alarm automatically resets once the generator loading current falls below the Trip level unless All Warnings are latched is enabled. Rs One advantage of the Dsw interface is the large distance specification 1. I is the actual earth current measured Trip setting value is the trip setting value K time multiplier setting The settings shown in the example above are a screen capture of the DSE factory settings, taken from the DSE Configuration Suite software. To find your nearest recycling centre visit the Recycle More website and enter your postcode.

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Manual & Auto Start

Recycle your electrical and electronic devices for free at your local recycling centre UK Only. Check that sensor is compatible with the series module dxe that the module Fail to stop alarm when engine is configuration is suited to the sensor. Makes the module ideal for standard and electronic engine applications. Backed-up real time clock.


DSE 7210 PDF


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