Ducab manufactures wide range of cables and cable components and cable accessories. Please click on the drop down to read more about our products. These are unprecedented circumstances that we are facing globally and at Ducab, we are fully compliant with all government requests to safeguard our communities and to halt the spread of COVID The spread of the infection has, of course, created disruptions to everyday life. Ducab being an integral part of the industrial manufacturing sector of UAE, our plants remain fully operational, and as of now we do not anticipate any significant delay in our committed delivery.

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Goltishicage Ducab prides itself on setting and maintaining the highest quality standards of power cables. BT10C8 is a 10mm2 connector with a 8mm stud hole. Check the box to request more information. The insulation catalofue value of the cable does not appreciably change with conductor operating temperature.

Direct in ground — Cables touching Single way ducts — ducts touching Note: Ducab constantly monitors its manufacturing processes and operates stringent quality assurance procedures to give long term reliability. Low Voltage Cables Low Voltage cables are used to supply power to large motors and other industrial equipments. For this purpose sheath voltage limiters are in use. Colour Masterbatch Ultra-violet UV resistant polyethylene masterbatch is used for colouring of insulation. Special constructions other than stated above may be provided on request.

For balanced three phase ac circuits, cstalogue values relate to the line voltage. In those cases where the actual current differs greatly from the tabulated current rating, the results obtained from the tables are only approximate; for a more accurate assessment, allowance should be made for the change in conductor resistance with operating temperature.

It should be noted that all ratings for cables run in free air have been based on the assumption that they are shielded from the direct rays of the sun without restriction of ventilation. For 2 core cables, 50 mm2 and above have D-shaped conductors. The recommendations here are given in good faith but Ducab cannot be held liable for mistakes in selection however caused.

The rating for cables subjected to direct sunlight should be reduced to take account of this factor and further guidance on this subject is available on request. PVC insulated cables provide more flexibility and less bending radius for cafalogue. It should also be ensured that the cable size ultimately selected is capable of carrying the required current under the site conditions of installation.

Download Product Catalogue NOTE — They can be customized as per customer specific requirement with options for sheathing materials and armour types. Length of cables required and individual drum lengths. We advice the cable diameter is measured where possible before purchasing components. For the most of the cables the armour is still adequate when the fuse rating is one or two steps, or even more, above the current rating of the cable, the margins being greater for the small sizes and actalogue core cables than for the larger sizes and two core cables.

Safety is an important issue for Ducab, and the strictest standards are adhered to throughout the company. Account Suspended The voltage drop 2 values in the tables have been based on this assumption. It is therefore necessary to compare the two ratings. All the ratings given are for single circuits installed thermally independent of other circuits or any other heat source and on the basis of the standard conditions of installation given in relevant Tables between 17 to Separate catalogues are available for the remaining range of Ducab Cables.

The details on this are provided on request. XLPE Insulated Low Voltage Cables Experienced and highly skilled employees operate state-of-the-art equipment, and conduct extensive testing at every phase of production. Recognizing quality products and services, Ducab has also won the Superbrand award for 4 years consecutively from Ducab is proud to be the first cable manufacturer in the region to achieve certification to ISO and this certification along with its quality, business success and safety record demonstrates that Ducab is a world class organisation and can hold its head up to any business community throughout the world.

These are multi-core armoured cables designed as per BS with steel wire armour construction to meet category F fire test as per BS During F fire test direct mechanical impact and water jet is provided on the cable xucab fire test. Where the phase angles dufab the loads fall outside this range, the voltage drop deduced from the tables may be unduly conservative and more exact methods of calculation should be employed. Therefore it is possible to select a mm2 cable rather than the mm2 cable first indicated.

As there is no halogen or acidic gas emission during burning of the cable, the sensitive equipment in the surrounding areas are cataloguue affected adversely. Ducab is particularly proud to have achieved certification to the stringent ISO standard as it is an independent conformation that the company designs, manufactures and tests cables consistently to accepted standards.

This protects the insulation from deterioration when exposed to continuous sunlight. Termite resistance can be built in both types described above by compounding with proper cataalogue. By studying the table to find a voltage drop value equal to, or less than the 0. Aluminium glands should be used in conjunction with cables having aluminium ducah armour. They also attack the electronic circuitry of sophisticated equipment used in modern offices causing costly damage.

About Duflex — Ducab Flexible Cables Values of voltage drop are tabulated for a current of one ampere for a 1 metre run, i. Smokemaster cables are offered to BS Single core cables for AC operation should not pass through steel conduit or steel gland plate, as it cataalogue a heating effect. JavaScript is not enabled in your browser. It will be seen that this value is 0. TOP Related Articles.


Ducab Cables

Dadal About Duflex — Ducab Flexible Cables By studying the table to find a voltage drop value equal to, or less than the 0. Rating factors to take account of variations in ground temperatures are given in Table 2. TYPE Single and Multi-Core Flexible Cables USE Designed for indoor wiring catapogue, connecting handheld equipments such as power drills, hand catalogye etc where cables are subjected to stress by kinking and twisting. It should be ensured that the accessories associated with the cables are also capable of operation at these values of fault current and temperature. Single core armoured cables to be electrically bonded at each end of the run.





Low Voltage Cables


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