Secondly, WAY too much swearing. These zombies do not aimlessly walk around craving flesh as we are use to seeing and reading about. I would definitely recomment this to any horror fans. I was pleasantly surprised while reading this book. Books and Audiobooks — Brian Keene I realllly enjoyed this book. I like my zombies slow, dumb, and numerous.

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Tumuro The narrator and the fate of most of the female characters. Really I only need to give you a few examples of things that happen in thi Oh dear. The characters were for the most part very real, engaging, and the type of people the reader cares about. Sep 09, Andrew Lennon rated it really liked it. El alzamiento — Brian Keene — Google Books In the final chapter all the main characters meet which results in a scene of extreme violence providing a cliffhanger conclusion that raises more questions than answers.

Humans, whether they still be humans or be they zombiesare not the only monsters here. Meanwhile, a scientist named Baker, who was working on the particle accelerator, is trapped within the confines of his underground workspace.

Thankfully this was a refreshing change, a scream inducing cliff hanger of an ending coupled with characters that I actually gave a shit about and Zombie animals, even your friendly pet can take a chunk out of your leg.

There is an outbreak. There is gunfire and shouts. For a start, the zombies have a good level of intelligence. Really, this book is absolute poop and I wouldnt reccomend it to anyone unless you want to see just how bad it is.

I could see what Frankie looked like from her first introduction until the end of the book. Retrieved 22 November The moment he leaves the shelter, Jim is on the run discovering that the undead possess the ability to think, drive cars, use weapons, and set traps for the living. The zombies are supposed to be intelligent yet act like hyper teenage boys who make absurd decisions that do little in advancing their cause.

I have the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack on vinyl I can smell your brains! The cause of the zombie plague this time was the government mucking with the barriers between dimensions. Also posted at http: Somewhat related, was it just me or was every black character a stereotype? The story is continued in the sequel, City of the Dead. It is just inappropriate.

Feb 26, Rob rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Fortunately for Jim he prepared for Y2K and built a bunker where he has been hiding out alone ever since his second wife died of pneumonia and turned into a blood-thirsty zombie. Lists with This Book. Brian Keene Man, this guy had a fairly large cast for such a short novel, but in no way did I find switching from one character set to another slow up the story at all.

When reading about the coming zombie apocalypse, I really want to see something original. In fact, knowing what to expect out of this book helped me enjoy it a heck of a lot more.

People get chomped quite a bit and there are headshots galore. The character flaws, stereotypes and dumb-ass decisions made by the survivors and the zombies began to grate on my nerves. Well, I pushed on for about 20 or 30 pages. It started out alright, and well written, but then degenerated into what can only be described as a paper version of the worst B movie ever made. Early on it is revealed that scientists were experimenting with other realms and somehow weakened the barrier allowing demons clear access to dead bodies both human and animal.

I thought it was going to be stupid ahem, zombie goldfish but trust me. This is copy 51 of signed and numbered copies. My favorite movie as a teenager was the Night of the Living Dead remake. The Rising 2 books. Under the weight of hordes of the undead, civilization folds in on itself and the survivors are left to fend for themselves. That friendship was nice and helped the less developed character reach many of his character goals.

While I was disgusted by the national guard unit led by Schow, I had no trouble believing in it. Firstly, the book was WAY too gory. Moreover, Keene appears uncertain as to the extent of the epidemic. Led by the sociopath Colonel Schow, the soldiers abuse their authority by violently drafting people into their slave force, turning women into sexual slaves, and torturing anyone who questions them.

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