Their main goal was to create a business plan to sell fresh milk all over Mexico. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external linksand by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view. Alpura produces 3 million liters and it offers more than products. Retrieved October 21, This article contains content that is written like an advertisement.

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History[ edit ] In the s each farmer produced their own milk, in their own way and they sold it individually in towns. Alpura was founded in after a group of dairy producers from various parts of Mexico came together under the same goal of improving the quality of milk produced in the country.

V or Alpura. Their main goal was to create a business plan to sell fresh milk all over Mexico. At the beginning, Alpura faced many critics from all sides who believed that their goal was impossible to accomplish. In order to prove them wrong, Alpura created commissions that covered different aspects of the business from establishing successful marketing techniques to organizing product distribution.

Alpura was the first company to distribute milk all over the country. In Mexico it was very hard at the beginning, because consuming powder milk was cheaper. So Alpura came up with a plan to distribute quality milk in supermarkets with low prices to defeat the powder milk market.

Also the client had the opportunity to choose from a variety of products Alpura offered. They introduced the ultra pasteurized chemically storage from temperature [ dubious — discuss ] milk. Alpura has always been a cooperative, it started with only a few shareholders but nowadays it has of them.

It also has farmers and thousand cows. Alpura produces 3 million liters and it offers more than products. Within 24 hours of time of milking the company makes distributions of that milk to supermarkets in Mexico.

In the Alpura group there are 5, employees around 4, farmers and 2, distributors. The company has 11, employees. In the dairies that provide milk to Alpura, it owns all of the cows. This allows Alpura to supervise all aspects of herd management, such as the health and age of the cows. All the cows are of the Holstein breed.

In the milking process the cows and the milk are never touch by the workers. When Alpura introduced ultra-pasteurized milk, it changed the Mexican market. Before there was not a business plan to sell milk in Mexico and therefore there were no companies who sold milk. With the ultra-pasteurization, all the bacteria are killed and the milk is made with a careful process. Today, Alpura has five different dairy products with numerous brands under each type of product: milk, cream, yogurt, drinkable yogurt and dessert cups.

Cream , and Reduced Fat. Yogurt is: Probiotic in Strawberry or Peach, With Fruits strawberry, peach, apple, mango, forest fruit, pineapple coconut, and blackberry , Natural, Creamy, Vivendi beauty, purifying, digestion, defenses , With Cereal strawberry, peach, apple-peach, forest fruit The Drinkable Yogurt is of most of the same flavors as regular yogurt in Regular, Probiotic, and Vivendi.

It takes the form on the filling process. This tetra top is known as a carton of milk, juice, wine etc. The nickname implies confusion with recycling, to be carried out in the yellow containers of plastic and metal.

The Nutritionist Valeria Rubio has researched the benefits of milk made by Alpura, helped develop recipes focused on nutrition, and advanced research about the benefits of milk in general.

The award is aimed at food businesses which have a strong background in production, sale and distribution of food. Alpura received the Mexico Supreme Quality Recognition due to distinguishing itself as a company committed to the quality of the products offered to consumers, respect for the environment and social responsibility. This award is aimed at small, medium and large agro-food sector businesses that maintain the highest quality and also have current certification.

To cope with the reduction in demand for their products, Alpura Group sought a new way to attract consumers and increase sales. The Tetra Top solution was to open in a single step in a Tetra Pak carton which is easy to hold, open, close and recycle and has a tamper-proof device incorporated in the lid for extra consumer trust. This new packaging was key to return to renew our brand, making our product one of the most modern and attractive.




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