Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of User Review — Flag as inappropriate mechanical formula. I fell in love with an earlier edition of this book which I later misplaced somehow. Engineering Formulas by Kurt Gieck Description This is a revision of the famed pocket guide giving engineers, scientists, technicians, and students thousands of enfineering technical and mathematical kur and hundreds of diagrams to simplify and speed their calculations. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Customer Book Reviews 4 years of college between the covers By Drew Kissinger on May 22, The fun thing about this book is that it has everthing you learned or should have learned getting your Engineering degree. It usually takes some time to sort thru what all the vaiables mean, and often you have to flip between look up tables, but it is so charming to find EVERYTHING in one spot in a book so small you can carry it in your front pocket.

Now, presumably those engineers engaged in design work where the protection of human life is a consideration will be experts in the required calculations; however, there are a myriad of "simple" calculations that go into such work unit conversions, measurement, geometric computations, etc. Now, it might just be a coincidence; I first opened to the "Differential Equations" section I am presently teaching a class where this material is relevant and began to read the first page for those with the book, these are lines j7 to j9 : " Linear: ODE means, that the nighest exponent of the required function is one; i.

Literally, this means the "closest" which would be totally incorrect. OK, OK They both mean the same thing? Two errors in three lines of the first page that I read. Now, granted: I was able to catch these errors and could easily jot down the corrections and move on.

If not, what value does the book have? I am not one to usually complain about editorial mistakes A slight mistake in one symbol in one formula could literally cause a design to fail. Looking beyond these concerns, the text is well-organized, has a nice variety of topics, is small and durable, and is easy to read. Oh, one last point - I had actually considered giving the book 3 stars instead of 2, but after flipping through the pages I found two torn pages S13 and S14 - looks like a production flaw, especially considering that the book itself had a sealed plastic cover.

From book editors to manufacturing personnel, it just seems as though people are slowly becoming less competent or, just caring less about quality of work. A must have! By Phiber on Jun 10, This book is just awesome! The book measures about This format makes it very easy to carry around!

The table at the beginning literally at the beginning - on the cover! In each section the progression is the same: from the basics up to the most advanced.

Very very handy, a must have! I which I had it when I was studying engineering man!! Looking through it I was amazed at all the stuff that was coming back to my memory!

The hardcover is good, it makes the book strong and feel strong. I think the best feature of this book is that it covers many subjects, with a broad range of complexity level. A must have : Includes a Wide Diversity of Handy Information By Jan Peczkis on Mar 03, This compact book provides not only information related to everyday engineering, but also such things as production engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering, etc.

It includes mathematical information, such as statistics, differential and integral calculus, binomial theorem, hyperbolic functions, etc. It also includes statics, kinematics, machine parts, radiation physics, and much more. Basic chemistry is also overviewed. Super Handy By R. Castaneda on Jan 18, This book is a newer version to the one my father lent me while on my first internship. I recommend this book to any engineer, since you can find all the formulas you might ever need all in a nice pocket size book.

This handy handbook includes tables, illustrations, formulas, and when needed brief and concise description of fundamentals and examples. I used it as a student, and many years later I still use it as a quick reference in my job. As a result I have been involved with Chemical and Mechanical Engineering issues in a day to day basic. This handy reference has proven most useful and time saving when in need of an specific formula, table, or shortcut.

Its size make it useful too when you travel for work. Truly fantastic reference. By Amazon Customer on Apr 25, I must admit here at the beginning that I am a bit of a snob when it comes to this type of book.

I have reference books dating back a century for the sole reason that I do not trust nor like modern works. The current trend in reference is to provide only that information which will provide the reader with exactly what they want at that exact moment.

This methodology requires that the reader return continually to the reference, wasting their time and energy. Older works provide a broader view of given topics and therefore tend to be held in my favor. This work may well be - in my opinion - the last of the great engineering references.

As stated by another reviewer, this work does an excellent job of covering most of the topics and information normally contained within a four-year mechanical engineering degree. This is not to say it is an apt replacement for a degree, just an excellent accessory to one. Unlike the majority of generalized engineering references, this publication surpasses the norm of a mishmash of datasheets cribbed from manufacturers. The information contained is highly valuable, universally applicable and beautifully organized.

My only concern after having owned it for twenty-four hours is how I am going to reinforce the binding to keep the book from falling apart from too much use Great Tool By Steve Roberts on Apr 06, This book is a great tool for engineering students and expeienced engineers alike! A goodly portion of the book is devoted to an unbelievably complete collection of chapters on mathematics which, as most engineers know, will come in extremely handy sooner or later.

There is extensive information here on: statics; kinematics; dynamics; hydraulics; heat; strength; machine parts; production engineering; electrical engineering; and control engineering. There are even chapters on chemistry and radiation physics, units, solid bodies and areas. Prior to the Index, there are Tables and Tables of properties and values, just in case, say, you forgot the coefficient of expansion for molybdenum.

Most but not all of the left-hand pages are blank; handy for jotting down notes. This is an excellent collection of technical data, formulae, and facts. It is always in my briefcase. I would not go to a meeting or to any on-site project without it. The book arrived on time and in great condition. Its everything I expected. I would recommend the book to other collegues. McGraw-Hill needs to do a much better job proofreader By Mr.

Dugan on Jan 02, For a engineering book it is rather inaccurate. If you value life, skip this book. McGraw-Hill needs to do a much better job proofreader. Good Book, Helped all through undergrad. By Joey D. This book was very useful throughout the entirety of my undergrad years. It is laid out very well and it is easy to find whatever information you might need. I will definitely keep this book on hand as move into my career, just in case I ever need it as a reference. It is worth every penny and has many applications other than just memorizing or referencing engineering formulas.

Anyone taking a math class, entry or higher level, can benefit from Engineering Formulas by Kurt Geick. Handy and Attractive Book By E. Hernandez on Apr 04, This book includes all of the most standard and useful formulas from all of the major fields of Engineering, including Strength, Geometry, Mechanical, Heat, Kinematics, Electrical, and Chemical, as well as legends and tables of alphabetic symbols and discipline specific symbols and conversion charts. It is a true pocket or field reference in that it is a sturdy hard cover bound book not much larger than a large human hand palm and about 2.

I personally did not find the print to be too small for the naked eye, but after a long day or in the wrong light one might benefit from a magnifying glass to read through it without effort. I highly recommend it for anyone with interest in Engineering Formulas. High quality and delivered on time.

By Garegin Ghukasyan on Sep 17, High quality and delivered on time. Good By E S. This item is just as pictured. Most useful product that arrived promptly and in good condition. All the formulas you never wanted to see again, in one book!

By Jason on Feb 20, Well, not really true, depending on your discipline. This book is geared more towards the more traditional disciplines of engineering mechanical, material, civil. Thankfully, there is a small chapter on control engineering.

Thermodynamics and fluid dynamics are covered, as are more basic topics including calculus, units, and statistics. It was a great reference then and this newer version is a good It was a great reference then and this newer version is a good update. I wore out the first one I had and needed a replacement. I used it in the Professional Engineer exam and passed. The book is a nice collection of information. Five Stars By Lee C. Easy to access information and comprehensive.

Hardcover and pocket size are other great benefits, as well as the blank pages interspersed with the written pages, that allow for personal written notes. I bought it as a gift for a graduating engineer. Perfect Engineering Reference By Buck Duane on Aug 31, This engineering reference is perfect for engineering students and engineers.


Engineering Formulas 8th Edition



Engineering Formulas



9780071457743 - Engineering Formulas by Gieck, Kurt; Gieck, Reiner


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