Sutures aid socket closure and help bring the gingival tissues together. Interrupted or horizontal mattress are both recommended. If bleeding is secondary to trauma to a blood vessel, the patient may need to be sent to hospital as large vessel may require ligation and smaller vessels cauterized ii Non-surgical haemostatic measures Involve the use of drugs, sealants, adhesives, absorbable agents, biologics , and combination of products iii Combination of both A resorbable haemostatic pack, such as oxidised cellulose or collagen sponge, in addition to suturing are recommended if the source of bleeding is from the bone within the socket. Systemic interventions This is important for patients who have systemic cause for bleeding. Usually, local haemostatics do not work well on limiting their bleeding because they only result in temporary cessation of bleeding. Prolonged bleeding : The dentist has a variety of means at his disposal to address bleeding; however, small amounts of blood mixed in the saliva after extraction are normal, even up to 72 hours after extraction.

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His comprehensive videos helped me prepare for my first dental trip to Africa this past October. After going through Dr. I performed extractions on patients that I would normally refer to my trusted OMS, but in Africa, I did not have that option and all went well.

It will review all the basics and cover major complexity of Exodontia. It was not only interesting and informative, but as humorous as the subject can be. I highly recommend the course to any dentist in need of a refresher or new, more workable, practical techniques.

Online Exodontia was able to break down the extraction process in simple, easy to comprehend steps that greatly increased my clinical confidence.

The videos are straightforward, attention grabbing and very informative. They cover everything from treatment planning to post-op management, from anesthetics to prescribing pharmaceuticals. This course really does have something for everyone, no matter what stage of their dental career one may be.

I was impressed at how comprehensive the course was, it really covered anything you could want to know about extracting teeth. Even having been a dentist for over 12 years I still picked up new techniques and pearls I started using the next day in my practice.

The 3rd molar module was especially helpful in walking me through all the different types of impactions from treatment planning to complications. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their oral surgery techniques or expand their knowledge in extractions.

I truly believe that your online course would be a great benefit to all graduating dentists and any general dentists hoping to learn more about oral surgery.

It is useful not only for new grads but also for experienced providers who already consider themselves proficient at extractions.

I learned a lot of valuable information, including evidence based scientific explanations, as well as practical tips for the oral surgery procedures.

I can tell that the creator of the course spend a great deal of time and effort to give his viewers the most relevant content that made this course easy, interesting and very practical! The content ranges from great refresher info on anatomy, local anesthetic technique and office emergency management, all the way to advanced surgical techniques on impacted third molars that have proven to be very useful in my clinical practice of urgent care dentistry.

The topics are well supported by valid sources, but Dr. Hoium is not intending to overwhelm anyone with academic information. This course is very much geared towards helping the general dentist in their daily practice of patient care.

Matthew D. Heineman - Indianapolis, IN Dr. Hoium teach you basics but he also covers all the complications, instruments, medications, diagnosis and techniques and much more.

Learn about medications and health conditions that influence our approach to removing teeth. Learn what these complications are and how to manage them before they happen to you! Learn how to better prepare for the teeth you are planning to extract. This module will provide helpful tips and techniques to ensure that your patients are numb each and every time! Module 8 Surgical Armamentarium Surgical Armamentarium Selecting the right instruments and learning how to use them properly is essential.

This is an in-depth look at the tools you should have on your tray. Module 9 Surgical Technique Surgical Technique Everything from positioning your patient to flap design. This section will elevate your knowledge of the fundamentals of oral surgery to the next level! Module 10 Extracting Specific Teeth Specific Teeth This module reviews the anatomy of the teeth, recommends instruments, and provides step-by-step instructions for removing each and every tooth in the mouth.

Module 11 Suturing Suturing Review and observe the various suturing methods and materials. Learn when to employ which type of suture and more! Learn a variety of helpful tips and tricks to manage those less ideal extraction cases. Third Molar Extraction Course Managing third molars Third molar extractions are not for the novice dentist. My goal is to equip general dentists with the information they need to confidently and safely manage select third molar cases in their office.

You will also be educated on the diagnosis and management of third molars, so that you may better inform your referrals and better communicate with your local oral surgeon. For the cases you are comfortable treating, this course will dive deep to ensure that you understand exactly how to perform each and every step of third molar extractions including postoperative care right down to the finest details that are not discussed in other courses.

Accelerated Dental Continuing Education. The shortcomings of my education were quickly exposed upon starting out in private practice. To boost my knowledge and confidence, I sought out oral surgery CE courses to help me improve my skills.

Existing oral surgery CE courses were expensive, time consuming, and highly inefficient. When I could summarize 3-days of oral surgery CE to my colleagues in a ten minute conversation Try it next time you attend an in-person course!

I created this extraction course for others to have access to the knowledge and experience that I had to spend tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours to acquire. Everything I have ever learned via continuing education courses, online articles, textbooks, forums, mentorships, clinical experiences, etc.

This course purposely disrupts the status quo of dental education to ensure that every minute of your time is used effectively. The information presented is the kind of information that instantaneoulsy transforms you as a practitioner and leaves you smarter and better equipped to function at a high level in private practice!

Finally, there is a single course that teaches you everything you need to know to extract teeth safely and confidently in your office! How are you planning to expand your oral surgery skill set?

You could take multiple in-person extraction courses and pay tens of thousands on tuition, travel, meals, hotels, lost production, etc.


Oral Surgery Accelerator Course.

Credit Cards Over The Phone. Our combination of price and quality cannot be beaten. Iglhaut Preprosthetic and Aesthetic Reconstruction. Tooth Extraction Forceps Fig. Credit Card Over The Phone. Needless to say, the product portfolio has been continuously improved and updated in the last decades in response to the requirements of advanced surgical techniques. Putting the focus systematically on this market led to many innovations that could be used for upgrading the dental product lines as well.


Dental extraction


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