Egli dimostra comprensione e compassione per chiunque incontra, come Beatrice, la sua vicina di casa, una donna afflitta da episodi psicotici e pensieri di suicidio , e che ha una relazione tormentata con un uomo di nome Pinto. Vende la tonaca da prete per procurarsi indumenti normali e offre di lavorare nella costruzione di una ferrovia in cambio di cibo. Nazario si allontana senza ricevere nulla per i suoi sforzi e subito dopo si scatena un litigio tra i lavoratori che finisce in colpi di pistola. Giunto in un villaggio, Nazario ritrova casualmente Beatrice. Nel villaggio Nazario incontra di nuovo Andara e conosce una bambina malata. Convinta che Nazario possa compiere miracoli, la madre della bambina supplica Nazario di curarla.

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How to live a perfect life in a corrupted world? His madness consists in taking seriously great ideas and trying to live accordingly". A humble and spiritual priest Francisco Rabal in a wonderful performance attempts to live by the principles of Christianity but is cast out of his church for helping a local prostitute by giving her a shelter after she had committed a murder.

Nazarin wanders the country roads of the turn of the 20th-century Mexico, offering help to poor and begging for food. His two followers, a murderous prostitute Andara and her sister Beatriz who is a failed suicide desperately searching for love, consider him saint but it does not prevent him from hatred and humiliation from both the church and the people he meets on the road.

He ends up beaten in prison and begins to question his faith for not be able to forgive his attacker. Bunuel tells the story in a manner of a Christian parable masterfully and uniquely combining admiration and irony for the main character and strong criticism of formal religion and hypocrisy. The film is simple and profound as well as beautiful, ironic, and heartbreaking.

I consider Bunuel one of the best filmmakers ever. With great pleasure I am adding little seen and almost unknown but amazingly candid and touching surrealistic tragic-comedy "Nazarin" to the list of my favorite films. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Masterful film about morality and the church howard.

He surrounds himself with prostitutes, beggars, thieves, and dwarfs and freely shares his meager resources with others but finds that his actions only produce distressing results. Based on the novel by Benito Perez Galdos, the film is about a gentle but sanctimonious priest in rural Mexico in Naively unconcerned with his own best interests, he provides refuge to Andara Rita Macedo , a prostitute who has just killed another street girl in a knife fight.

Forced to leave the church, he remains steadfast in his beliefs, going on the road dressed as a peasant and begging for alms. He agrees to work on a road crew for food but in so doing creates a labor dispute that leads to violence.

His guidance is again rejected when he volunteers to help a woman dying of the plague, asking her to picture what Heaven looks like. He is beaten by a thug and begins to question his faith when he is unable to forgive his assailant.

Is Father Nazario an impractical fool trying to live by unrealistic ideals, or is he a modern-day Christ, sentenced by a soulless world to endure a similar fate? Bunuel sends us mixed messages. He attacks the hypocrisy of the church for not living up to the teachings of Christ and seems to admire the priest for his rebellion against accepted social norms.

Yet ultimately Nazario is just a sad and forlorn human being. Condemned by the church as a "nonconforming rebel", scorned by a society that does not understand his passion, he carries his "crown of thorns" to an uncertain end, perhaps realizing at last that his self-satisfied idealism did not include understanding the true nature of his humanity.


Nazarín (película)

Las dos mujeres se lavaron en un arroyo, y D. Nazario hizo lo mismo a distancia de ellas. Al general le dieron en la cabeza y al ala derecha en un brazo. No debemos herir ni matar, ni aun en defensa propia.


Nazarín – Benito Pérez Galdós

Plot[ edit ] Padre Nazario, a Catholic priest living in a poor hotel, is quiet, temperate and distributes his money, even indifferent to being burgled. He demonstrates understanding and compassion to those such as Beatriz, who has psychotic episodes and suicidal thoughts after being cast aside by her lover, Pinto. Nazario withholds judgement and helps and conceal her. He tries to make her conscious of her guilt. Andara dreams a portrait of Jesus Christ is laughing at her. Beatriz warns someone has informed the authorities and offers to hide them, hoping the police will hang her Beatriz. The proprietress finds out and insists Andara must not be discovered with Nazario, ordering Andara to remove evidence of her stay.


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