With Gambara, Balzac addressed the musical world with the character of an instrument-maker who becomes a composer of mad music, as a substitute for himself as an author composing a work - he has Gambara say: Music is at once a science and an art. It owes physics the essence of the substance it employs, the sound of modified air; the air is composed of principals, which certainly find in us the main analogues which respond to them, sympathise with them, and magnify them by the power of thought. Air also has to contain particles of different elasticities and able to vibrate at as many different durations as there are tones of sound bodies, and these particles piece our ear ear, put to work by the musician, replying to ideas following our organisation. Misunderstood on its first publication, this short story has since been re-evaluated. He impressed George Sand with his ideas about opera during a conversation on music, and she advised him to write down what they had been discussing. She tries to escape him, but he chases her as far as a sordid alley behind the Palais-Royal where she disappears.

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Shelves: kindle , c19th , france Probably not appealing to many, but this is a remarkably clever piece of writing A nobleman, temporarily exiled from Italy for some political imprudence, falls in love with Marianna, married to a composer twice her age. Andrea decides to woo her by supporting him, and so it is that Balzac has the opportunity to write about music - and opera in particular - in an astonishingly gifted way. For, it is said, that when a musician or artist is asked what they mean by some aspect of their art, many Probably not appealing to many, but this is a remarkably clever piece of writing For, it is said, that when a musician or artist is asked what they mean by some aspect of their art, many reply that if it were possible to explain the concept in words then they would not have needed to create a work of art or music.

Yet Balzac - using words - has managed to convey the art of composition and harmony that Gambara has composed. And furthermore he is able to critique Meyerbeer in a very sophisticated way. Balzac could assume that most of his readers knew the language of music and would know what he meant with his references to chords and keys and so on - because in those days such accomplishments reading, singing and playing music were a part of basic education for the class of people for whom he wrote i.

So even though this is an age-old story of a man hell-bent on seduction it is one with limited appeal. I consider myself very lucky to have had music education that enabled me to enjoy it.


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Balzac was het tweede kind van het koppel. Een eerste zoon, Louis-Daniel, geboren in , leefde maar een maand. Na Balzac volgden nog Laure , Laurence en Henri De middelmatige leerling hield daar weinig goede herinneringen aan over, want hij kon zich maar moeilijk aanpassen aan het strikte leerregime van de school en bracht vaak tijd door in een soort strafkamertje. Bovendien stuurde zijn vader hem weinig geld, met de bedoeling hem dezelfde werkethiek aan te leren die hem zijn aanzien in de maatschappij had opgeleverd. Dit alles zorgde ervoor dat hij door zijn medeleerlingen vaak werd bespot. Deze ervaringen gebruikte Balzac later bij het schrijven van Louis Lambert.


Gambara by Honoré de Balzac

I cannot help but think that Balzac feels himself a member of this elite cenacle, which is why he keeps coming back to the same basic situation. A wealthy Milanese nobleman by the name of Count Andrea Marcosini is slumming in an area adjacent to the Palais Royal that is frequented by prostitutes; and, in fact, the young Count is in hot pursuit for immoral purposes of an intriguing-looking young woman who disappears into a slum building. When he makes inquiries, he eventually meets a fellow Italian from Naples named Giardini who promises to introduce Andrea to Madame Marianna Gambara, wife of a misunderstood and eccentric composer of music. Signor Giardini himself is a misunderstood artist in the culinary line, but one with a large heart who feeds his clientele with the food of their homeland at half the price the food is worth. At the dinner, the young Count attempts to get to the wife by way of the husband.

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