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Akijinn The fundamental affirmation that only an empirically verifiable proposition or definition has epistemological signification cannot be itself scientifically verified through the empirical practice. The two main streams, the analytic philosophy and the hermeneutics have as principal object of investigation the language. The energies originate in and emanate from the Act and return to the Act.

Without the essence of language in itself, the person remain a monad closed in itself. This test should verify if the program can enter into a dialog in the same way as a human does [1]. Ghelasie comes back to the Trinitarian Arch model to affirm once more the holistic dialogical perspective of the mystical approach in which language surpasses in communion with God the discursive fragmentations and has access to being. But the discourse of thinking seeks always the being-language as its source and generative model.

The central role of the word with a dialogic nature is one of the capital ideas of Bakhtin and should be understood in a more deep sense. One should make the distinction between a natural language and an artificial one. Even the controversial cloning is not really obtaining artificial life but a genetic manipulation of life for procreation. He published many articles in mathematics and on religion. The act of scientific research implies this reciprocity, a double dimension of the scientific knowledge: The novelty of the Christian mystical approach stays for Fr.

A theological discourse that becomes a mere act of culture or a mere pretext for creating a specific language with the sole motivation of the pleasure to write and to speak about God cannot offer us any more something consistent and convincing.

The Creation is the Gift that the Son presents to the Father. AI neglects somehow the Christian dimension of the ghorghe, of the dialogue. This principle presents nevertheless an internal contradiction. He also wrote or edited several books on religion. Ggheorghe domains of science and technology have achieved remarkable progresses but it remains still a mystery what is actually life, what is particularly common to living beings.

The Son is the Word of the Father. Are there my convictions right? Actually thinking is the vehicle of the being language in itself. The hesychast prayer enacts the return of the energies to the movement of the spirit by means of constantly addressing Christ. The hermeneutic sciences studying the interpretation of signs and symbols are considering beside a certain methodological circle the hermeneutical circle expressing the double relation between subject and object.

These problems encountered by the AI can be explained quite easy if we assume a Christian position. According to the new paradigm, when this base becomes sufficiently ample, the automatic, logical and inference mechanisms could deduce everything… As a consequence, another wave of enthusiasm arised, with very optimistic previsions regarding the next ten years.

Nowadays more and more people, even those living in the world, wish for this Experience. Hesychasm is Mystical Unification through Christ. Dianoia in its contemporary sense intellect, reason, and mind functions as the discursive, conceptualizing, logical faculty in man involved in the scientific research.

Until now, no machine or program has succeeded to pass the Turing test… To be objective, we should recognize that there are also remarkable results of AI, as for example the chess computer that defeated the world champion Kasparov, and many other accomplishments.

Florin Caragiu — English Corner In fact it is He Who first calls for us, Who purifies us and thus retrieves and restores us to our Eucharistic condition. And we wish to regain the Peace and Rest of eternal Life. Thus the reality of the soul was obscured, smothered and camouflaged and the subconscious arose.

Omniscop, Craiova,p. As the language of theology is integrative, we present first shortly a recent triadologic and iconic approach to the theology of person, self and soul, made by the Romanian Father Ghelasie of Frasinei. Thinking must firstly operate a separation, to split itself and then return to the whole. In this context it is not a surprise that Christianity and other religions gave a fundamental position to language, logos, textual interpretation, and hermeneutics.

Ghelasie Gheorghe Si Marius Caraman The recognition of limits is regarded as a most important step towards the healing of the artificial split between theology, philosophy and sciences. In gheorgh perspective, language is affirmed as the source and generative-model for thinking, gheorgne of the concreteness that actualizes and fulfils the discourse of thinking. It has taken the meaning as a not-temporal and impersonal reality, as something which could never be reached. The very foundation of the Creation is therefore dialogic.

That is maybe the reason why Saussure [10], the promotor of structuralism, refused to take into account the spoken language, engaged in a permanent process of change, in favour of the written language, that is practically static. The object of knowledge supposes a much more dynamical reality than the reality that is subject to the empiric-formal knowledge.

The mystery of the personal being-language is the mystery of the Christian hesychast mysticism. Here lies the difference between mysticism and philosophy. Manfred Clynes, who showed that emotion — as a full human experience — can be an experience that does not subdue.

Thus, besides language, experience gheorhge communicable. The seal of the Divine Icon and Words represents the inescapable participative condition of the ontology of creation.

Gregory Palamas the hesychast mysticism appears as a double mysticism, a Being-Mysticism and an energetic mysticism united in an unconfused and inseparable way.

Beside the descriptive character, the scientific theories have a prospective role or an intuitive-anticipative character that goes beyond an exclusively analytic and discursive methodology. Only His SON can. In God, the Person manifests by Itself and also within the Trinitarian communion movements of permanencies or integral modes, which emanate the uncreated Divine Energies.

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