The book was originally a fundamentally new attempt to provide a methodical approach to challenges of graphic design. Graphic Design Manual Principles And Practice Armin Hofmann His colleagues and students were integral in adding to work and theories that surrounded the swiss international style which stressed a belief in an absolute and universal style of graphic design. Graphic design manual armin hofmann. Graphic reproduction is based on the small unit of the dot.

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Created in , this may be his most celebrated work. Armin Hofmann, Giselle, Discovering Hofmann in a book curating various graphic masters, I was hypnotized by the sense of movement and clarity in this piece. Both clear and exciting. Captivated by the thought paid toward the subject matter, Armin Hofmann employed Modern objective principles while giving room for the subject to express itself freely. There is seemingly no designer present; just the subject expressing itself clearly, beautifully, and functionally.

Armin Hofmann, Graphic Design Manual, Reading this is a real treat, not just for a better understanding of graphic form, but for the warmth, love and genuine importance he places on graphic design and teaching. A proponent of The Swiss International Style, Hofmann believed that the poster was the most efficient form of communication and spent much of his career designing posters and most notably for the Basel Stadt Theatre.

It was this that allowed the project to speak with total clarity. Finding the perfect solution. These lovely illustrations recall to mind that even Bach did not consider the writing of finger exercises below his dignity, and that because he wrote them, they are more than mere exercises.

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Armin Hofmann

The immeasurable influence on generations of designers is one of the many distinguishing qualities of his work. Moreover, he is looked up to by his students as the most inspiring graphic design teacher. Subsequently, he opened a design studio. After meeting Emil Ruder on a train, he found out that the Basel School of Arts and Crafts was looking for an art teacher. Thus, in he accepted the job as a teacher and continued to teach there for four decades. In , Hofmann introduced the advanced class for graphic design and soon after he was appointed the head of the graphic design department.


Graphic Design Manual Armin Hofmann

Hofmann has been described as one of the most outstanding personalities in Swiss graphic design history. The readability and cleanliness of the style as well as its asymmetric layouts, use of a grids and sans-serif typefaces have helped define how we design today. Designers today are still taking the best elements from this era of design to create a whole new contemporary, visual aesthetic. Hofmann was born in Winterthur, Switzerland, in He then went on to open his own studio in Basel.

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