Interested, Brian Michael Bendis and Jayatilleke visited Bungie to take up the offer of publishing the Halo Graphic Novel as well as to discuss the possibility of a tie-in comic book series. He noted that the graphic novel brought "humanity and perspective" to the franchise, something not easily imparted through the games. The Philadelphia Daily News suggested that a Halo comic book would attract readers who had never picked up a comic book before. Issue 3 was originally slated for a September release but was pushed to a final release date of nearly a year late in August

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Plot synopsis[ edit ] Uprising opens with John on board the Forerunner Dreadnought which is on its way to Earth. Near Jupiter , he is contacted by Io Station , but maintains radio silence.

Rampaging through the ship, he attempts to find the Prophet of Truth and assassinate him. He is about to be killed when he coaxingly states that if "The Covenant attack Earth Ackerson states that this key, if not found, will force the Halos to malfunction "like they did before".

He also calls the key the " Key of Osanalan " and tells that it is hidden in the city of Cleveland. Ackerson then loses consciousness, leaving the Brutes confused and worried. On Earth, a new character named Ruwan is introduced. He serves as a concierge for a high-line motel in Cleveland as it is attacked by the Covenant. He meets Myras Tyla , a performer staying there.

The two evade the Covenant through the city, but are finally caught and herded together with what seems to be most of the population of the area into a stadium, where the Covenant declare that to live they must find and give to them the Key of Osanalan. Myras is confused, but Ruwan states with certainty that he "knows exactly what that is.

As everyone flees, Myras and Ruwan escape, whilst Myras questions how she had lived her life, and blames it all on her boyfriend, Philip. With twisted fervor, she pushes herself to escape, while thinking of spending a new life with Ruwan. They escape together, riding a Warthog to safety. They head to an old section of the city not under attack. They help themselves to some supplies on the Warthog, and set up a little camp for themselves.

They chatted a while, but a Scarab appears. After they drive to safety, Ruwan and Myra are saved by a team of Marines and escape the city in a Pelican.

John, in the meantime, finds himself faced by an extremely large force of Covenant troops. He falls to the floor after being hit by several assault cannon beams, and is confronted by a Brute Chieftain who begins to interrogate him about the Key of Osanalan. However, the Spartan sticks the Brute with a plasma grenade and escapes. He holds up his carbine , sights the Prophet and fires a round.

However, the Prophet is protected by shields and the Spartan is shot in the back by a Jackal. While the Chief manages to get several shots at Truth, he soon makes his escape, as the Chief is left to fight the guards. He kills them all and starts to find a way off the ship. In a flashback, the Key of Osanalan is revealed to be a fictional object made up by Ruwan and his brother, James Ackerson, when they were kids. Colonel Ackerson spoke of the "key" and divulged this false information in order to prevent the Covenant from destroying Cleveland where Ruwan resided.

Ruwan explains to the marines how he and his brother, Colonel James Ackerson, made up the Key of Osanalan when they were boys. The UNSC come up with an operation to leak the whereabouts of top Covenant leaders, and thus stage a significant assault on the Covenant. This is done using the "key" as bait and Ruwan insists that he be the one to deliver the key to the Covenant by himself.

When the Covenant picks him up, he declares the Key of Osanalan is, in fact, himself. The plan is approved and Ruwan is injected with Tykos 30 , a chemical tracking compound.

The ploy works, and Ruwan is taken to the Minister of Inquisition on the battlecruiser Harbinger of Piety. Ruwan is still being tracked by the UNSC which the Covenant detects and falsely believes to be for rescue. In the aftermath Lepidus confronts Ackerson who taunts the Brute about his wild-goose chase. Enraged, Lepidus decapitates Ackerson in retaliation. On the surface of the Dreadnought, he is informed that the command ship holding the "key" is to be destroyed, and that he will be within the radius of the blast unless he takes immediate evasive maneuvers.

The Master Chief is then ordered to find a way to return to Earth quickly. His subsequent drop can be seen in the opening cutscene of Halo 3.


Halo: Uprising



Halo: Uprising (2007) #4






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