If you make a purchase, there may be a delay in processing your order. This means they will show some signs of wear and shading. Start of add to list layer. This website uses cookies.

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United Kingdom Shipping We are making things easier for you, auction specific shipping information coming soon. Vendors regularly ask us to reduce the reserves in the closing hours and put items on sale.

Remember when placing a bid you are bidding to buy! Full payment must be made within 2 working days and removal within 7 days. This is a legally binding contract to purchase, if you are not sure, do not bid. We are unable to cancel your purchase, after the auction closes. Details are provided in good faith. They should not be relied upon as fact and buyers must make their own investigations where measurements, mileages, hours, condition or authenticity are critical.

Buyers should make themselves satisfied they are happy with the lot before they bid as viewing is available on all lots by prior appointment, all bids are non-retractable.

We strictly enforce our terms and conditions. Potential purchasers who do not inspect lots prior to bidding, do so at their own risk. The condition and function of an item should be confirmed by the bidder, prior to bidding. There will be NO Refunds or Allowance given after the closure of the bidding process.

Your bid is your commitment to purchase. Not to view or negotiate after the sale. Transgression of these rules will be reported to Bidspotter, and the bidder will be blocked from taking part in any future Bidspotter sales. No warranty is offered or implied. Each lot is bought and sold as seen. Viewing is welcome and recommended. Hotmail, Live and MSN. It is vital that you add our Domain Name bpiauctions. To facilitate easier payments we are pleased to announce that we are now able to take debit cards as a means of payment.

If payment is not received within the time period specified, 48 hours from the end of the auction , then BPI Associates reserve the right to charge the card registered with bidspotter for the full amount outstanding.

Interpretation 1. Application of these General Conditions 2. These General Conditions apply to every Sale of plant and machinery, chattels and trade stocks conducted by the Company. These General Conditions, the Special Conditions and any terms set out in the Catalogue shall together comprise the "Conditions of Sale". To the extent that these General Conditions are inconsistent with any Special Conditions, the General Conditions shall prevail.

Bidding for any Lot shall be deemed to be an acceptance by the Bidder of these General Conditions and the Special Conditions. These General Conditions shall be governed construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of England and Wales unless the Location is in:- 2. A reference to writing or written shall include e-mail. Any word or phrase having a meaning defined in these General Conditions shall have the same meaning when used in the Special Conditions.

Identity of the Parties 3. The Company offers each Lot as agent of the Seller and not as principal unless otherwise indicated in the Catalogue. The identity of the Seller is set out in the Special Conditions. Unless the Company has previously acknowledged in writing that the Bidder Bids as agent on behalf of a named principal, every Bidder shall be taken to Bid on his own behalf as principal.

Any Bidder acting as agent on behalf of a named principal shall remain liable to the Seller and the Company for all obligations and liabilities of his principal jointly and severally with the principal. The Bidder warrants that he has the authority of his principal to make each Bid made. Every Bidder is required to give his name and address and provide satisfactory proof of identity and such other information and documentation as is required to the Company before making any Bid and in the case of: 3.

If a Bidder wishes to stop receiving such notifications they can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of each email. By registering the Bidder warrants that he is aged 18 years or older and is capable of forming a legally binding contract. Conduct of Auctions 4. The Seller is entitled to change these at any time before the conclusion of the Sale. Persons entitled to Bid pursuant to this condition 4. The Auctioneer may reject any Bid at his sole discretion and without being required to give a reason.

The Company shall not be liable in any respect in the event of any dispute due to errors, omissions or disruptions to internet services or power failures or any other unforeseen circumstances which may occur during the Online Auction; 4. This continues with a new scheduled close time each time a Bid is placed until no-one places a Bid before the last scheduled close of the timed Online Auction. Every time a Bid is placed within ten minutes or less left in the Online Auction an additional ten minutes Bidding time is added until there are no more Bids.

Such time shall then be deemed to be the close of the timed Online Auction. Sale and Payment 5. Removal of Lots 6. Lots may only be removed during normal working hours or such hours as are specified in the Special Conditions.

No clearance on Bank or Public Holidays. If it transpires that a Buyer makes no effort to commence dismantling and the particular Lot is preventing other buyers from removing purchased Lots, then the Auctioneer reserves the right to insist that removal take place immediately notwithstanding the specified Clearance Date and Time. In the event the Buyer does not comply with its obligations under this General Condition 6.

To the extent that such regulations are advisory rather than mandatory, the standard of compliance to be achieved by the Buyer shall be to the best industry practice; In all cases arising under this General Condition 6. Default by the Buyer 7.

Acknowledgements and Exclusion of Warranties 8. All representations, warranties and conditions, express or implied, statutory or otherwise in respect of all and any of the Lots are expressly excluded and without limitation any warranties and conditions as to title, quiet possession, satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose and description are excluded to the fullest extent as permitted by law.

The Buyer will not be authorised to use intellectual property rights or software and any such use or transfer shall be at the Buyers sole risk. Odometer readings are not warranted. Neither the Seller nor the Company shall incur any liability to the Buyer because of any default or defect in all or any of the Lots. Buyers are entirely responsible for ensuring that the use of any item of plant, machinery or equipment does not contravene any health and safety and environmental legislation in existence at the time of the Sale.

Insolvency Practitioner s , including Administrative Receiver s , Administrator s and Liquidator s act as agent s for the Seller without personal liability and shall incur no personal liability whatsoever in relation to a Sale or pursuant to any document relating thereto.

This General Condition 8.


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