Video Demo of the Destroyit Cross Cut Level 4 Shredder Description of the Destroyit Cross Cut Level 4 Shredder The Destroyit cross cut paper shredder is capable of shredding approximately 16 sheets at a time, at a speed of 25 feet per minute. The ECC Electronic Capacity Control indicator has color codes that help prevent paper jams by displaying how much paper can be accepted into the 16" feed opening. If it reaches a certain level, the odds of paper malfunction occurring significantly increases. The "Easy Switch" control button starts the shredder and features illuminated icons that indicate when the safety shield is not fully shut, if the cabinet door is open, or when your shredder bin is full. The Destroyit is perfect for any office copy room or mail room thanks to its continuous duty motor. This cross cut shredder is built to be used on a consistent basis.

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Video of the Destroyit Shredder Description of the Destroyit Cross Cut Shredder The Destroyit cross cut paper shredder is an incredible business shredder for both small and big offices.

This cross cut model handles up to 26 sheets of paper at a time, shredding at a speed of 25 feet per minute. The main "Easy Switch" control button uses illuminated symbols that make it extremely easy to determine whether your shred bin is full, if the cabinet door is ajar, or if your paper is jammed. During the shredding process, the "ECC" Electronic Capacity Control helps prevent paper jams and shredding malfunctions with a color coded indicator. If the indicator reaches a certain level, there is a high potential that an error may occur.

With a quality shredder head that is capable of tearing through stapled and paper clipped sheets, credit cards, and CDs, the Destroyit cross cut has fair shredding versatility.

This paper shredder is built to last, thanks to its continuous duty motor, durable motor gears that are enclosed in dust-proof housing, and lifetime guaranteed cutting shaft. The Destroyit is a money and energy saving machine. This paper shredder offers double protection against overheating and features the "ESM" Energy Saving Mode , which shuts off power after one hour of inactivity. The most important feature in this safety package is the electronically controlled, transparent safety shield located in the feed opening.

In order to guarantee that you will not be harmed while using this machine, the Destroyit will be prevented from shredding if the safety shield is open.

As an extra safety measure, an indicator on the "Easy Switch" control will display if the safety shield is not fully shut before operating. The Destroyit fits perfectly in any office copy room or mail room and can be relocated easily thanks to the swivel casters on its cabinet. Instead of a flimsy shredder bag or difficult metal frame, the Destroyit offers a heavy-duty plastic shredder bin that will last forever. With proven reliability and quality results, the Destroyit by MBM is guaranteed to be a perfect addition to your office.

Crafted in the Balingen, Germany factory, these blades are composed of high grade, hardened steel and are equipped with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Capacity Indicator shows users the sheet capacity levels in order to prevent jams.

This patented feature is located above the easy switch. Easy Switch is integrated into the face of the shredder head as an indicator to the current operational status. This doubles as an emergency stop switch.

Lead-Free Soldering is used as an eco-friendly method for production. This method is used to create all the electrical components in these shredders.


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