Pues tambiйn los que utilizan los gritos de los pбjaros y las palabras humanas apoyan en voces sus conjeturas. Es cierto que todos saben y creen que la divinidad conoce el futuro y lo anuncia a quien quiere, igual que yo lo digo. Pero mientras ellos llaman augurios, voces, encuentros fortuitos y adivinos a los que les dan advertencias, yo a eso lo llamo genio divino, y pienso que al llamarlo de esta manera me expreso con mayor verdad y mбs piadosamente que los que adjudican a las aves el poder que tienen los dioses. Y йsta es la prueba de que no miento contra la divinidad: habiendo anunciado a muchos amigos mнos las advertencias de la divinidad, en ningъn caso resultу haberme equivocado. A mн no me comparу con un dios, pero juzgу que destacaba mucho sobre el resto de los hombres.

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Zulkizuru For if I had achieved this end, it is clear that instead of now passing out of life, I should merely have provided for dying in socrxtes throes of illness or vexed by old age, the sink into which all distresses flow, unrelieved by any joy.

View a map of the most frequently mentioned places in this document. Do you not also elect for your generals, in preference to fathers and brothers,—yes, by Heaven! But in a question of health, men take the advice of physicians rather than that of their parents; and moreover, in the meetings of the legislative assembly all the people of Athenswithout question, follow the advice of those whose words are wisest rather than that of their own df. Whom would you with reason regard as more just than the one so reconciled to his present possessions as to want nothing beside jenofotne belongs to another?

Once on a time when Chaerephon 3 made inquiry at the Delphic oracle concerning me, in the presence of many people Apollo answered that no man was more free than I, or more just, or more prudent.

And I get comfort from the case of Palamedes 5 also, who died in circumstances similar to mine; for even yet he affords us far more noble themes for song than does Odysseus, the man who unjustly put him to death. Apology Xenophon Enter a Perseus citation to go to another section or work. And so it seems astonishing to me how you could ever have been convinced that I had committed an act meriting death. Or for this, that while other men get their delicacies in the markets and pay a high price for them, I devise more pleasurable ones from the resources of my soul, with no expenditure of money?

More search options Limit Search to: I have revealed to many of my friends the counsels which God has given me, and in no instance has the event shown that I was mistaken. Now of all the acts for which the laws have prescribed the death-penalty—temple robbery, burglary, enslavement, treason to the state—not even my adversaries themselves charge me with having committed any of these. It is true that others have written about this, and that all of them have reproduced the loftiness of his words,—a fact which proves that his utterance really was of the character intimated;—but they have not shown clearly that he had now come to the conclusion that for him death was more to be desired than life; and hence his lofty utterance appears rather ill-considered.

Perseus provides credit for all accepted changes, storing new additions in a versioning system. Show by default Hide by default. Now that I do not lie against God I have the following proof: And yet surely we know what kinds of corruption affect the young; so you tell us whether you know of any one who under my influence has fallen from piety into impiety, or from sober into wanton conduct, or from moderation in living into extravagance, or from temperate drinking into sottishness, or from strenuousness into effeminacy, or has been overcome of any other base pleasure.

An XML version of this text is available for download, with the additional restriction that you offer Perseus any modifications you make. For it has not been shown that I have sacrificed to new deities in the stead of Zeus and Hera and the gods of their company, or that I have invoked ill oaths or mentioned other gods. Or for this, that no demands are made on me by a single person for the repayment of benefits, while many confess that they owe me a debt of gratitude?

Then, when his companions wished to remove him clandestinely from prison, he would not accompany them, but seemed actually to banter them, asking them whether they knew of any spot outside of Attica that was inaccessible to death.

Have you not known all along that from oscrates moment of my birth nature had condemned me to death? For I have realized that my whole life has been spent in righteousness toward Spologia and man,—a fact that affords the greatest satisfaction; and so I have felt a deep self-respect and have discovered that my associates hold corresponding sentiments toward me.

For there is a legend that, as Lycurgus entered the temple, the god thus addressed him: Greek and Roman Materials. Do you not know that I would refuse to concede that any man has lived a better life than I have up to now?

And would not a person with good reason call me a wise man, who from the time when I began to understand spoken words have never left off seeking after and learning every good thing that I could? For, first of all, when he was bidden to name his penalty, he refused personally and forbade his friends to name one, but said that naming the penalty in itself implied an acknowledgment of guilt.

Who in the world more free,—for I accept neither gifts nor pay from any one? And I know that time to come as well as time past will attest that I, too, far from ever doing any man a wrong or rendering him more wicked, have rather profited those who conversed with me by teaching them, without reward, apologgia good thing that lay in my power.

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