Voodookree A Shock of Fear. Such a vehicle would be a separate study in itself, but one quite beyond the powers of any but those who are already far on the Path. A kind of film of rose-color covers the surface of the whole astral body, so that all within is seen through it, as through tinted glass. THIS idea of the group-soul seems to many students novel and difficult; perhaps an Oriental simile may help us to understand it more readily. Man visible and invisible,, by C. Leadbeater The Online Books Page In exactly the same way the true quality as it exists in the soul cannot be expressed in matter of any lower level; the vibrations of the lower matter are altogether too dull and sluggish to represent it, the string is not sufficiently stretched to enable it to respond to the note which resounds from above.

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When we search these records in order to discover the origin of man, what do we see? Religions agree in describing the Deity as threefold in His manifestation, and it will be found that the soul of man is also threefold. It will, of course, be understood that we are speaking now not of the Absolute, the Supreme, and the Infinite for of Him naturally we can know nothing, except that He is , but of that glorious Manifestation of Him who is the great Guiding Force or Deity of our own solar system - who is called in our philosophy the Logos of the system.

Unmistakable evidence of His action and His purpose surrounds us on every side as we study the life of the higher planes. As He shows Himself to us in His work the Solar Logos is undoubtedly triple - three and yet one, a religion has long ago told us.

It will be seen that on the seventh or highest plane of our system the triple manifestation of our Logos is imaged by three circles, representing His three aspects. Each of these aspects appears to have its own quality and power. In the First Aspect He does not manifest Himself on any plane below the highest, but in the Second He descends to the sixth plane, arid draws round Himself a garment of its matter, thus making a quite separate and lower expression of Him.

In the Third Aspect He descends to the upper potion of the fifth plane, and draws round Himself matter of that level, thus making a third manifestation.

It will be observed that these three manifestations on their respective planes are entirely distinct one from the other, and yet we have only to follow up the dotted lines to see that these separate persons are nevertheless in truth but aspects of the one.

Quite separate, when regarded as persons, each on his own plane - quite unconnected diagonally, as it were; yet each having his perpendicular connection with himself at the level where these three are one. Thus also these separate manifestations of the One on different planes are rightly thought of as persons.

See also how clear and luminous become many of the statements concerning the Second Aspect and His descent into matter. For as an aspect of the divine He existed before the solar system, but His manifestation in the matter of the sixth plane took place during the life of that system. One, that is, not only because of the essential Unity, but because of the glorious power of drawing back into Himself all that has been acquired by the descent into lower matter.

But this belongs more especially to that greater descent illustrated for us in Plate III. The greatest schism which has ever occurred in the Christian Church was that between the Eastern and Western branches, the Greek Church and the Roman.

The doctrinal reason alleged for it was the supposed corruption of the truth, by the introduction into the Creed of the word filioque at the Council of Toledo in the year The question at issue was whether the Holy Ghost proceeded from the Father alone, or from the Father and the Son.

Our diagram enables us to see what was the point at issue; and furthermore, it shows us, curiously enough, that both parties were right, and that if they had only clearly understood the matter there need have been no schism at all. The Latin Church held, quite reasonably, that there could be no manifestation on the fifth plane of a Force which admittedly came from the seventh, without a passage through the intermediate sixth, so they declared that He proceeded from the Father and the Son.

The Greek Church, on the other hand, insisted absolutely on the distinctness of the Three Manifestations, and quite rightly protested against any theory of a procession from the First Manifestation through the Second such as would be typified in our diagram if we drew a diagonal line through the First, Second, and Third.

The wonderful way in which man is made in the image of God may be seen by comparing the triad of the human soul with the Trinity in manifestation above it. Not the physical body of man, but the constitution of his soul, reproduces with marvellous exactitude the method of Divine manifestation.

Just as three aspects of the Divine are seen on the seventh plane, so the Divine Spark of the spirit in man is seen to be triple in its appearance on the fifth plane. In both cases the Second Aspect is able to descend one plane lower, and to clothe itself in the matter of that plane; in both cases the Third Aspect is able to descend two planes and repeat the process. What these parts are we shall endeavor to make clear by the help of the diagram given on Plate III.

The horizontal subdivisions indicate the planes, precisely as in Plate II, and above them will be seen three symbols belonging to the series described by Madame Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine. The highest represents the First Aspect of the Logos, and bears only a central dot, signifying the primary manifestation in our system.


Man visible and invisible ..



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Man, Visible and Invisible


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