Kategorija: Wish stars en What are pop-up cards and how they are produced, find out from respected Peter Dahmen, a famous graphic designer from Germany. Peter Dahmen is a graphic designer from Germany who is making beautiful pop-up cards. Paper structures are reaching incredible levels — from far-reaching architectural sculptures to pretty naturals appearances. Specializing in pop up sculptures his work tends to be designed as single, unique pieces utilising great attention to detail to create a masterpiece. W: To begin with, please introduce us about your work and tell us when did you first became interested in pop-up?

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Den Artikel, viele Fotos und ein Videointerview finden Sie hier. I am often asked for tutorials and book Kirigami patterns - free eBooks download. Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding and kirigami is the art of cutting paper to create stand up, pop up or three dimensional figures. Here are free printable origami and kirigami patterns and template for you to cut, fold and create. Family Fun Magazine click here has free printable origami with patterns and folding lines printed on the paper.

There are is a free printable origami frog, fish, turtle, pond scene and origami boat. This link takes you to the free printable frog, with appropriately colored markings to make a bright green origami frog.

List along the right side of this Family Fun webpage are links for the other four cut and fold origami projects on the site. Scissor Craft click here is a great place to begin your children or students on paper folding, origami, kirigami and pop-up paper cutting and folding crafts.

Origami and kirigami makes lovely crafts, gifts, cards and homeschool and classroom art projects. Origamic architecture is the use of kirigami to create 3D buildings from a clever use of folds and cuts within just one single piece of paper.

Below you will find information for beginners to this art, as well as a number of free templates and projects for practice. Mainly I will focus on paper buildings constructed in a folded sheet, which means that this fascinating technique is also perfectly suited to using on pop-up greeting cards.

There are also links to awe-inspiring works by paper artists, as well as a number of photographs showing what you can achieve with only the seemingly simple acts of cutting and folding. I hope you find this page interesting and useful : Photo and paper cutting by Crackpot Papercraft. Kirigami is similar to origami in that it is a form of paper art.

The major difference is that in origami, you fold paper whereas in kirigami, you fold and cut paper. In the United States, the term "kirigami" was coined by Florence Temko. She used the word kirigami in the title of her book, Kirigami, the Creative Art of Papercutting, The book was so successful that the word kirigami was accepted as the name for the art of paper cutting.

Paper Snowflakes Most people will remember kirigami as a way to make paper snowflakes. Real snowflakes have six-fold symmetry too. Kirigami scheme.


Peter Dahmen





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