The Slayers are still after him, his father has resurfaced after having been long thought dead, and he still has to answer to the Elysian Council. Vlad has much to figure out, including who he can trust when no one is what they seem. Dutton Juvenile assumed publication rights for her entire Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series. Family Life-With her husband, Paul Brewer, she had two children.

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In this last book in the series there are twist and turns that you will never have even suspected. Now, I want to read the spinoff Slayer series! His parents die in a house fire when he is very young and he blames himself for that. He is a very nice, smart and caring boy. I had a really hard time picturing him and his friends as seniors in high school and had to keep reminding myself that he was 18, not He is very funny and entertaining and he is extremely loyal to Vlad which are great characteristics to have.

Despite only being human, he does manage to kill a few vampires along the way. Overall, the characters were interesting and fun to read about. Each had its own distinct personality and together they made the book better. Relatability: Despite this being a vampire book, that is not all that it is about. It is about family, love and what a person will do in order to protect the people they care most about.

Most people will do just about anything to save the people they love and that is the most relatable aspect of this book. Cover: I really like the covers for these books.

The cover changes as the characters in the book change. This book takes place during his senior year of high school and that is represented by the older version of Vlad on this cover.

Also, the smiley face with the fangs is pretty cool. I like how for each book the smiley face is a different color. Overall Impression: Not my favorite, but it concluded the series nicely.

There were no unanswered questions and there was even a mini cliffhanger at the end! Absolutely nothing came as a surprise in this for me not even the "surprise" in the final chapter. The idea has such great possibilities, but I felt Brewer spent too much time on mundane stuff and too little time on the parts that might have actually been interesting. Marketing, I suppose. Mostly, I was bored with the series and only finished all the books to see if she ever dealt with the one burning pun totally intended question I had that seemed it really should be answered.

It was indeed mentioned in passing, with no answer - if Vlad is aging as a human through childhood, would he stop at some point or just continue to age? Is that the only way to kill him? That would be lame There was possibility here for a really cool idea to be dealt with well. It was dragged out and therefore too little was done in too many pages.


The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

Eighth Grade Bites[ edit ] Vladimir Tod experiences eighth grade as a vampire, with his best friend Henry a human. Vladimir Tod is a very misunderstood child who lost his parents three years ago in a tragic house fire. With the help of his aunt Nelly, he begins to search for clues to find the killer. To make matters worse, he is a vampire who is just learning how to control his hunger for blood.

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Twelfth Grade Kills #5: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod


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